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For week ended June 20, 1999 Posted 19 Jun 1999

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Angel Tops Church Temple In Northwest Houston

Summarized by 'Kent S. Larsen II'

Angel Tops Church Temple In Northwest Houston
PRNewswire 16Jun99 C3
Angel Tops Church Temple In Northwest Houston

HOUSTON, TX -- The guilded gold statue of the Angel Moroni was placed on the spire of the LDS Church's new Houston Texas Temple yesterday. The placement of the statue is a significant milestone in completing the Temple, which will serve about 90,000 members of the Church in an area that includes Austin, Texas, San Antonio and the Rio Grande valley. Now that the exterior of the building is mostly complete, contractors will continue working on the interior of the 34,000 square-foot building. Officials estimate that the Temple will be complete in about a year.

At the placement celebration, Albert E. Haines, a prominent Church and civic leader welcomed guests, saying, "The Houston Temple is a well-constructed and beautiful addition to the community. The Angel Moroni is an impressive statue, adding to the beauty of the Latter-day Saints Temples." Haines later added, "With the addition of the new temple, Houston-area Church members will have greater and more frequent access to participate in sacred ordinances."

The groudbreaking for the Houston Temple was about a year ago.

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