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For week ended June 6, 1999 Posted 4 Jun 1999

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Ecuadorean Family Mourned in Conn.

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Ecuadorean Family Mourned in Conn.
(Long Island) NY Newsday (AP) 31May99 L8
By Denise Lavoie: Associated Press Writer

TRUMBULL, CONNECTICUT -- More than 500 people attended the funeral at a Trumbull, Connecticut LDS Chapel of an Ecuadorean woman and her four sons who died in a tragic train accident. Julia Toledo de Urgiles, 47 and Carlos, 11, Jose, 10, Angel, 6, and Pedro, 3, were walking along the Amtrak line in Fairfield, Connecicut in the middle of the night last week when one of the children apparently strayed onto the tracks. In the process of trying to get her children off the tracks, the entire family was hit from by a train. Many details of the accident are still uncertain.

The family had been living in a homeless shelter and had left the night of the accident for unknown reasons. Urgiles had left her husband, Carlos Luis Urgiles, and had filed for divorce. The husband had left the United States and returned to Ecuador after fighting with his sister-in-law over religion. The husband is Catholic while the sister-in-law is Mormon. The location of the funeral in a Mormon Church and in the United States instead of in a Catholic Church in Ecuador was a further source of dispute between the father and the sister-in-law. Julia Toledo de Urgiles had attended both churches.

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