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For week ended June 06, 1999 Posted 19 Jun 1999

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Mormon Artists Group premiere's MAGzine

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Mormon Artists Group premiere's MAGzine
By Kent Larsen

New York's Mormon Artist Group (MAG) has issued the premiere issue of MAGzine, a semi-annual compilation of the work of LDS Artists in and around New York City. The premiere issue, distributed only to contributors for copyright and logistical reasons, includes the work of 29 Artists, Photographers, Authors, Musicians and other artists on a CD-ROM. The audio tracks provided by the musicians are also available on an accompanying audio CD.

While this issue is on CD, future issues will not necessarily be on CD. The format is meant to be flexible, and future formats could include anything from print to a compilation of copies manufactured by the artists themselves.

Many of the artists included are well-known in their fields or among members of the LDS Church. Authors include LDS historian Claudia Bushman, nationally published author Adriana Velez and Young Adult authors Tom Hughes and Luisa Perkins. The work of painters Kent Christensen and Mark Graham are included, as is the artwork of Lane Twitchell. Musicians Dee Fletcher, Royce Twitchell and Glen Nelson are also present on the CD.

The Mormon Artist Group (MAG) is a collective of LDS artists in and around New York City. It encourages the creation of works of art and promotes that art as a central element of life. Future plans include special events, discussion groups, projects, concerts and readings in addition to MAGzine.

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