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For week ended June 06, 1999 Posted 19 Jun 1999

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BYU student lands lead role in upcoming Disney flick

Summarized by Rosemary Pollock

BYU student lands lead role in upcoming Disney flick
(BYU) Daily Universe 3Jun99 L2
By Ariel Cassady: NewsNet Staff Writer

Brigham Young University sophomore, Erin Chambers, has landed the lead role in an upcoming Disney movie, "Don't Look Under the Bed." The Halloween movie will premier in October on the Disney Channel and will have Erin playing an older sister who will help her younger brother deal with a prank-playing boogey man.

Chambers, 19, was chosen for the part through an agent from Eastman Agency of Salt Lake City. Carole Turcotte of Toronto, Ontario negotiated the deal with Disney's freelance casting director. "Erin is just a real person," Turcotte said. "Even if an actor is amazing on camera, directors really appreciate when actors are easy-going when the camera stops rolling."

"One of Chambers' best qualities is her youthful appearance," Turcotte commented. "She is l9, but she can play l5 or l6-year-old parts realistically." Managing school and an acting career has been challenging for Chambers who understands that this is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. "There have been times when Erin will have to miss class because she has an audition, but she will also miss adutions because she feels she has missed too much school," Turcotte said.

Explaining why Johnson, a freelance casting director hired by Disney, picked her over a Los Angeles actress for the part, Turcott said, "She has a great look, red hair, a great smile." "We hit it off right away. I knew I had to have her, and casting people love her."

"Filming has lasted six weeks and will wrap-up in the next week," Johnson said. "The film will then go into post-production so it will be ready for its October release." "Don't Look Under the Bed" will air in October on the Disney Channel.

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