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For week ended June 06, 1999 Posted 19 Jun 1999

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Elder Maxwell recounts blessings

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Elder Maxwell recounts blessings
Deseret News 6Jun99 C2
By Lynn Arave: Deseret News staff writer

The prayers of members of the LDS Church in behalf of Elder Neal A Maxwell are being answered as he seems to be recovering from leukemia. But Elder Maxwell sees the disease as a more of a blessing than a curse. Elder Maxwell spoke at the annual National Cancer Survivors Day for Utah gathering on Saturday, telling those in attendance that the disease helped him focus on the important things in life. [Cancer patients] "have a different perspective, a sharper focus," he said. "I've been given by the Lord a delay en route."

Maxwell was diasnosed with leukemia three years ago. The disease was caught fairly early, but was rapidly spreading through his body. Multiple chemotherapies led to 46 days in the hospital. During that time, he was able to only work part time, but finally returned to full-time service about 10 months ago. He is still getting some chemotherapy.

Maxwell is one of a number of general authorities that have suffered from cancer, including President Spencer W. Kimball, Elder Bruce R. McConkie and President Howard W. Hunter. "There's no immunity from suffering," said Elder Maxwell about church leaders. "Only variation from suffering. How we handle it is the key."

Among the things Elder Maxwell says he has learned from his fight with leukemia is a greater appreciation of the atonement and a better capacity to receive help from others.

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