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For week ended May 30, 1999 Posted 4 Jun 1999

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Revolving Door Continues for BYU Basketball

Summarized by Nicholas Maddox

Revolving Door Continues for BYU Basketball
Salt Lake Tribune 27May99 L3
By Patrick Kinahan: Salt Lake Tribune

Eric Nielson, 6-foot-8 forward, has returned from his LDS Church mission in Russia. Nielson was a starting forward two years ago with an average of 27 minutes per game. BYU coach Steve Cleveland didn't recognize Nielson upon his return earlier this week.

Coach Cleveland's welcoming wrap-up for this coming season: Matt Montague gets home from his mission next week; Michael Vranes, Sophomore-to-be, will be back to play; junior Todd Christensen; Fresno City junior college recruit Terrell Lyday; and Nathan Cooper. Seven-foot center Dan Howard, who returns from his mission in August, may redshirt next season and then have four years of eligibility.

Cleveland is saying good bye to Mark Bigelow and Shawn Opunui who will be serving missions.

Newbury Park High California multiple school record holder Daniel Bobik will be returning from his mission July 2000. Bobik signed his letter of intent last year before leaving on his mission to the Dominican Republic.

This will be a building season for Cleveland in anticipation of the 2000-2001 and the 2001-2002 seasons. BYU will be participating in a European tour starting in August. No games are scheduled for Sundays. They will get a chance to play against professional teams in Spain and England.

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