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For week ended May 23, 1999 Posted 4 Jun 1999

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Future seminary teachers learn to make the grade

Summarized by Rosemary Pollock

Future seminary teachers learn to make the grade
(BYU) Daily Universe 17May99 C4
By John Lawson: NewsNet Staff Writer

To become eligible to teach seminary, students are evaluated on their performance in two basic religion classes, Religion 370 and 47l. These classes train students on the Church Education System's philosophy and curriculum.

Relion 370 is the introductory course to teaching seminary. It gives the basics on what is expected of seminary teachers and a way of approaching scripture instruction. In the class, Jones and Boren look for three qualities: rapport with students, proper discipline and making the scriptures come alive for the students so they can learn to love them. When these requirements are fullfilled the students go on to Religion 47l.

Religion 47l is a more advanced class that teaches and trains in depth methods and skills. While in this class prospective teachers are given an opportunity to teach a high school or junior high school seminary class for five days. At the end of this time, visits and observations are made by Boren and Jones. Here is where the decision is made on hiring the student as an intern for the upcoming school year. After the year is clompeted a final decision is made for the student to be hired or not.

James Peterson, a senior from Twin Falls, Idaho, majoring in Spanish, is currently intern teaching at Timpview Seminary in Provo. "It is a great opportunity to see what it is really like to teach seminary, it is a lot different than what I expected, but it is a lot of fun," Peterson said.

Approximately one third of the students in the Seminary Teacher Training program are women. "We look forward to having a lot of young women look at seminary teacher training," Boren said. Currently the CES has just hired 5 young women for full time employment.

"We want students who come out being scripture scholoars, knowing them, understanding them, being able to go to them for life's answers," Boren said.

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