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For week ended March 21, 1999 Posted 25 Mar 1999
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Heavily Mormon School District at Center of Prayer Controversy

Summarized by LauraMaery (Gold) Post

Court to Reconsider Student Prayer
Associated Press 20Mar99
Associated Press

An Idaho school district populated largely by Latter-day Saints is at the center of a controversy over school prayer. A federal appeals court has withdrawn its earlier decision to allow students in the Madison, Idaho, school district to lead prayer at high school graduations, and has passed the issue on to another panel of judges.

According to a Saturday (Mar. 20) report from the Associated Press, the American Civil Liberties Union is challenging the school district policy allowing students to decide for themselves whether or not to include prayer in their graduation ceremonies. The ACLU represents two non-Mormon students who say they felt like outcasts at graduation ceremonies.

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