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For week ended January 31, 1999 Posted 1 Feb 1999
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Montclair mourns death of missionary

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Montclair mourns death of missionary
Northern VA Journal 25Jan99
By Courtney Prebich: Journal Staff Writer

Elder Joshua Prymak, who died Monday, January 18th when a wave knocked him into rocks and swept him out to sea, had wiggled out of life-or-death situations before. However, this time Prymak's body was recovered three days later, and his family thinks he must have died instantly, when the wave slammed his body into the rocks.

Prymak, 19, had been serving int he Spain Las Palmas Mission for eight months, when he went sightseeing with a number of other missionaries. A second wave following the wave that knocked Prymak into the water, knocked two other missionaries into the water. One, Elder Papenfuss, also perished.

Prymak's mother, Nancy Prymak Pratt of Montclair, Virginia, said that her son was a strong swimmer and a member of the neighborhood swim team. He had attended BYU for a year under a scholarship and majored in manufacturing engineering. He was a straight-A student at Hylton High School, president of the National Honor Society and a star wrestler.

"He died happy," she said. "He absolutely was happy. He loved what he was doing. He loved his mission."

The article contains a number of tributes from Elder Prymak's friends and teachers. Funeral arrangements are pending the release of Elder Prymak's body from Spanish Authorities.

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