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For week ended January 31, 1999 Posted 3 Feb 1999
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Mormons choose Apex for site of their North Carolina temple

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Mormons choose Apex for site of their North Carolina temple
Raleigh NC News & Observer 30Jan99
By Yonat Shimron: Staff Writer

APEX, NORTH CAROLINA -- Construction on the Raleigh North Carolina Temple is expected to begin next week on a site in Apex, North Carolina. The temple is one of the smaller or "suburban" temples, according to this article. Apex is centrally located between Raleigh and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Members of the LDS Church in the "Triangle" area of North Carolina are very excited about the concept of smaller temples. "This is like a new generation of computers," said Randolyn Emerson, who lives just 5 miles away. "It's a completely new way of thinking about it. And we're the first wave."

City commissioners in Apex approved the church's plans for the site, which is located on state route 55 near the post office in Apex. "Some people come here for the small-town feel," said Mike Wilson, assistant town manager. "Some people come here for the schools. Some people come for our churches. We're always welcoming newcomers." Apex has grown significantly in recent years, tripling in size since 1990.

The North Carolina temple will be made of white granite with narrow stained-glass windows and have a 78-foot spire. The building will have 10,400 square feet. It will serve 53,000 members of the LDS Church in North Carolina. Eventually a Chapel will join the Temple on the 12-acre site.

The LDS Church also owns other property in the region, including a $34 million parcel in the Quadrangle office park in Durham purchased two years ago. The temple construction and the construction of the neighboring chapel will total between $5 and $6.5 million.

"It's the pinnacle of your entire life to go the temple and participate in the ceremonies," said Emerson of Cary. "It binds you beyond death. It's for time and eternity. That's what the temple symbolizes."

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