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For week ended January 24, 1999 Posted 24 Jan 1999
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BYU hosts forum on preserving family rights

Summarized by Eric Bunker

BYU hosts forum on preserving family rights
(BYU) Daily Universe 19Jan99
By Andrew Jackson and Melina Semadeni: NewsNet Staff Writers

Last week, BYU's NGO Family Voice co-sponsored the three-day World Family Policy Forum, as a forerunner for this November's World Congress on Families in Geneva, Switzerland. 52 leaders from four continents and 25 nations met at BYU to discuss how family rights are being represented in the global community. These Ambassadors and delegates seek to protect the family as the basic unit of society at every level of government.

NGO Family Voice is a group organized to counter growing threats to religion, culture and international family stability. Last December, BYU's NGO Family Voice qualified as a lobbyist to the UN by obtaining non-governmental organization status. It is a lobbying group that seeks to give input on UN documents, information papers, proposals, declarations and position papers. NGO Family Voice will have an official voice at UN conferences concerning development, population affairs and the family.

NGO Family Voice has scheduled itself to host an annual World Family Policy Forum the second week of each January at BYU.

One of the delegates attending last week at BYU said, "This forum is part of the silent majority. They need such meetings to defend the family, to preserve the family, to preserve the things everyone in the world is sharing,"

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