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For week ended January 24, 1999 Posted 1 Feb 1999
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Missionaries weren't only casualties of swirling seas

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Missionaries weren't only casualties of swirling seas
Deseret News 21Jan99
By Hans S. Moran: Deseret News staff writer
2 tourists were swept away on another island

In addition to the two LDS missionaries that drowned when swept out to sea this week, two Canary Islands tourists also drowned, suffering an almost identical fate. In both cases, the victims got too close to the shore and were swept out to sea by the incoming tide.

Funeral arrangements for the two missionaries have not yet been made because their bodies remain in the Canary Islands. Officials are trying to make arrangements to get their bodies back to their homes. Attempts by the Deseret News to contact relatives or church leaders at Elder Prymak's home in Montclair, Virginia, were unsuccessful.

A corrected version of the events indicates that Elder Papenfuss and Elder Prymak visited Punta de Teno with four other missionaries. When Elders Papenfuss and Prymak walked out on a narrow rocky point called Punta de Aguja (Point of the Needle) to take a picture, a wave estimated at between 13 and 19 feet high swept them out to sea. A third missionary, who was taking a picture, was also knocked from his feet by the wave, but fell into the rocks, which kept him from being swept out to sea also.

Previous reports that one of the missionaries was trying to save the others were incorrect.

Recent stormy weather contributed to the waves. The spot is often frequented by tourists, including missionaries on their preparation days. While missionaries in the Las Palmas mission are not allowed to visit crowded tourist areas, this are wasn't a place with a lot of people.

Spain Las Palmas Mission President Jorge Prieto is planning two mission conferences for this Friday and Saturday to talk with missionaries about the deaths of Elders Papenfuss and Prymak and boost morale.

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