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For week ended January 10, 1999 Posted 21 Jan 1999
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Should Mormon Dave Checketts Save the SLC Olympics?

Summarized byKent Larsen

Eye MSG's Checketts as Salt Lake savior
New York NY Daily News 8Jan99
By Luke Cyphers: Daily News Sports Writer

Some Utahns have apparently been suggesting that Mormon Dave Checketts, CEO of Madison Square Garden in New York, replace embattled Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee head Frank Joklik. Checketts, who was General Manager of the Utah Jazz, declined to comment on the suggestion.

Regardless of Checketts availability, Joklik will probably have to resign. Utah Gov. Leavitt has asked him, and other members of the committee, to step down temporarily while four separate investigations of bribery in connection with Salt Lake's bid for the Olympics are investigated.

Checketts was suggested for the Olympics post a year and a half ago, but took himself out of the running. Salt Lake City councilwoman Deeda Seed says that she doesn't think he'd take the job now because his current job is scandal-free.

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