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For week ended January 3, 1999 Posted 20 Jan 1999
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Belmont temple rises rapidly

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Belmont temple rises rapidly
Boston Globe 3Jan98
By Caroline Louise Cole, Globe Correspondent

In spite of the threat of two lawsuits, the new $30 Million LDS Temple in Belmot, MA (near Boston) is rising rapidly. But two lawsuits seeking to block construction are scheduled to be heard in February. And foes claim that the rising infrastructure of the building is prompting new donations to their legal fund.

John Forster, who is the spokesman for some of the neighbors who oppose the building says, "Now that you can see the outline of the building, we are hearing statements like, `It's enormous; it's much bigger than I imagined.'"

The building will be 58 feet tall with a 139-foot steeple and contain 69,000 square feet. It should accomodate as many as 300 a day, drawing members from New England and southern Canada.

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