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Posted 21 Dec 2001   For week ended December 21, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 20Dec01
By Kent Larsen
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New Products: Mormon Self Help Books

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- This fall's new titles include several books that are meant to help LDS Church members and others help themselves out of life's most difficult challenges. These include an LDS billionaire's look at finding balance, a look at homosexuality, and help with grieving. But to pick up the spirits, we've also included a new Christmas album.

Perhaps the most under-promoted of this week's titles is "Finding True Balance" by LDS billionaire James Sorenson. Sorenson is not as well known as LDS businessmen like Jon Huntsman and J. Willard Marriott, Jr., but his book should be better promoted given his success and influence.

Another interesting title is Dr. A. Dean Byrd's look at Homosexuality both in LDS doctrine and in science. Dr. Byrd takes on a difficult subject, and tries to provide a book that will help both those who suffer and their families.

New and recent products:

Finding True Balance by James LeVoy Sorenson
Book; LDS Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $15.95

Billionaire LDS businessman James Sorenson shares his view of how to achieve balance in our personal lives and social interactions. He says that "balance is the secret of life," and maintains that those who have trouble achieving it may "have a mistaken idea of what balance is. Balance is not something we attain, a plateau we reach, a destination we arrive at. True balance is continuous, changing, and creative."

Finding True Balance
More about "Finding True Balance" by James LeVoy Sorenson at

Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ by A. Dean Byrd
Cedar Fort
Book; LDS Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $12.95

An introduction to the position that the Church has taken on the issue of same-sex attraction. Dr. Byrd uses statements from ancient and modern prophets to provide an overview of the Church's position. He also reviews scientific research on the question and offers hope of change for those who struggle with same-sex attraction.

Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ
More about "Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ" by A. Dean Byrd at

Or see more about "Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ" by A. Dean Byrd at

Grieving: The Pain and the Promise by Deanna Edwards
Covenant Communications
Cassette tapes; LDS Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $11.95

A new recording of Edwards' 1996 book. Edwards teaches valuable lessons about the process of grief, how to help those that are grieving, and how grieving can teach us to be more responsible, compassionate and loving.

More about "Grieving: The Pain and the Promise" by Deanna Edwards at

Wasatch Christmas
Excel Entertainment
Music CD; LDS Publisher; Mormon Performers and Subject $15.98

Excel's top LDS vocal and instrumental artists take on favorite Christmas tunes. The album features Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, Kirkmount, Peter Breinholt, Sam Cardon, Nancy Hanson, Paul Cardall, David Tolk, and James Conlee.


Wasatch Christmas
More about "Wasatch Christmas" at Excel Entertainment


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