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Posted 07 Dec 2001   For week ended November 30, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 29Nov01

By Preston Hunter

LDS Director Ryan Little Working On New Feature Film 'Out of Step'

DALLAS, TEXAS -- What did "Elder Kinegar" do after his mission? He wrote and starred in an LDS dance film set in New York City: "Out of Step." The movie already has a professional official website at and principle photography has already been completed.

"Out of Step" tells the fictional story of "Jenny Thomas," a Mormon girl from a small town in Utah pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. After being accepted to a prestigious dance program Jenny finds herself alone and overwhelmed in New York City. The film combines high energy dance and cutting edge music with comedy, romance, drama, a traditional quest and very untraditional characters.

The screenplay for "Out of Step" was written by actor/writer Michael Buster, who may be best known as the AWOL "Elder Kinegar" from Richard Dutcher's independent hit "God's Army" (2000). Buster's script was based on an original story by Willow Leigh Jones.

Michael Buster also stars in "Out of Step" as "Paul Taylor," a witty New York City filmmaker who befriends Jenny soon after she arrives in New York. Like Jenny, Paul is a Latter-day Saint, but as he begins to have feelings for her, she falls in love with David Schrader, a musician. David does not share Jenny's religious or cultural background, yet he seems to be the man of his dreams. "David" is played by actor Jeremy Elliott, who has previously starred as Jacob in "The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000), directed by Academy Award-winning director Kieth Merrill. Jeremy Elliott also plays "Sam" (the male lead) in "Charly," the upcoming feature film directed by Adam Anderegg from the best-selling Jack Weyland novel.

Jenny's parents are played by Tayva Patch and Rick Macy, who have previously starred together (although never before playing husband and wife) in Blair Treu's "Secret Keeper", Dutcher's "Brigham City" and Merrill's "Testaments."

Simply listing this incredible cast should make it clear that "Out of Step" is a "must-see" film.

But perhaps the most compelling aspect of the film is its director: Canadian-born prodigy Ryan Little.

Although "Out of Step" is his first feature film as director, Little's name is already known to film fans.

Little was the director and producer of the independent short "The Last Good War" (14 min.), which in 1999 won both the Jimmy Stewart Crystal Heart Memorial Award (at the Heartland Film Festival) and the Student Emmy for Best Dramatic Film Award, awarded by the Academy of Television and Film.

"The Last Good War" is the story of two soldiers from opposite sides of the World War II conflict who end up in the same shelter during a brutal winter storm.

"The Last Good War" has been screened at over 20 film festivals and is available for purchase from BYU Creative Works.


LDS Director Ryan Little Working On New Feature Film "Out of Step"
Preston Hunter 28Nov01 A2


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