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Posted 22 Oct 2001   For week ended October 12, 2001
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Political News

LDS Politician Worries That War Will Hurt Religious Freedom
Speaking at BYU's 8th annual International Law and Religion Symposium, Senator Gordon Smith (R-Oregon), one of five members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the U.S. Senate, worried that the current war on terrorism would lead some governments to "sacrifice some freedoms for security," and worried that religious freedoms would be among those sacrificed. Smith's comments were echoed by other speakers at the three-day symposium which ended yesterday.

Politics: Political Feature Resumes
The political tracking feature that Mormon News introduced in August resumes today, as we attempt to track the legislative activities of the 17 Mormons serving in the US Congress. The weekly message looks at how these Mormon politicians vote on major legislation, legislation most in the news, legislation introduced by Mormons and legislation that is otherwise Mormon. and tracks the legislation that Mormon politicians have introduced.

Longtime Southern Nevada Mormons Worry about Growth
The federal government is selling off land in Lincoln County, Nevada under a law passed one year ago, but longtime residents in the county, many of whom are Mormon, aren't happy with the change, which they feel will have a negative affect on their lifestyle. All but 2 percent of the county is owned by the federal government, and the residents say that the County Commission and the BLM have overlooked the consequences of the sale, which are expected to bring nearly 60,000 suburbanites into the rural county, with its population of 4,165 people.

Utah Democrats Consider Lawsuit Over Redistricting
After Utah Governor Mike Leavitt signed the newly adopted congressional district lines into law on Thursday, October 4th, the Utah State Democratic Party has started considering a lawsuit to challenge the lines. The party's 11-member executive committee will decide later this year or early in 2002 whether or not to file the lawsuit. For Utah's three US Congressional seats, the new districts represent an attempt to redistrict Democrat Jim Matheson out of his seat. The maps also affect five Democratic seats in the state legislature.

Salt Lake Mayor Announces Environmental Initiative
Mayor Rocky Andersen announced October 11th that Salt Lake City will encourage the construction of environmentally friendly buildings as part of a wide-ranging environmental program called Salt Lake City Green. The mayor established a High Performance Buildings Task Force to improve guidelines and standards for new buildings and will modify city buildings to meet efficiency standards. Those standards will be present in the new Salt Lake City Library, which "embodies many characteristics associated with high performance or 'green' building practices," according to City planning director Stephen Goldsmith. Andersen is an LDS Church member, but doesn't participate.

Jon Huntsman Jr. Looking at Intellectual Property Enforcement in Thailand
Tariff privileges given by the U.S. Government to Thailand makes the issue of intellectual property violations critical in that nation, and the acting US Trade Representative, LDS Church member Jon Huntsman, Jr. is looking at the issue. Knowing that the privileges hing, in part, on its enforcement of copyright, trademark and patent laws and treaties, Thailand has stepped up enforcement, doubling arrests for violations since 1999 to 2,800 last year, and arresting another 1,500 this year. Huntsman was briefed on Thailand's efforts by Kantathi Suphamongkhon, the Thai Trade Representative, in August and Suphamongkhon said he had received a warm response. But the U.S. Government hasn't yet made a formal announcement about extending the privileges for Thailand.

Church Submits Additional Testimony on Alcohol Advertising Policy in Utah
The Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission has requested public comment as it reviews policies relating to advertising of alcoholic beverages. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has submitted additional testimony urging continuation of existing sound practices and regulations. These detailed comments expand on an earlier statement given to the Commission on 21 September.

Hatch Reaction to U.S. Action in Afghanistan
Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) made the following remarks this afternoon in reaction to the U.S.-led strikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan:

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