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Posted 20 Jun 2001   For week ended June 15, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 14Jun01

By Kent Larsen

New Products: New and Old Novels, and a Martin Harris Biography

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Recently published LDS books include a number of novels aimed at the LDS market and a biography of Martin Harris that the publisher says is the most complete account of his life. The novels include a new edition of an early Lee Nelson novel, the complete, unabridged version of Gerald Lund's most recent novel, and a novel based on the well-known poem, The Touch of the Master's Hand.

The biography of Martin Harris was written by his brother's great-granddaughters who have spent years researching his life. Their account draws on rare correspondence and family information to present a portrait of a man who has been misunderstood by history.

Cedar Fort has issued the new edition of Lee Nelson's "Wasatch Savage," one of Nelson's earliest novels, published in the 1970s by Liberty Press. Also new is a mystery from Covenant Communications called "Beneath the Surface," Robert Farrell Smith's latest novel, "Captain Matrimony" from Deseret Book, and the second book in Larry Barkdull's "Zion" series, which explores the development of a perfect society by Enoch.

New and recent products:

Beneath the Surface by Jeni Grossman
Covenant Communications
CD; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author $14.95

Mystery. Two sons of a man killed in the suspicious flooding of a rock quarry are convinced their father was murdered and are looking for revenge and to bring the truth to light, no matter who gets hurt.

Beneath the Surface
More about "Beneath the Surface" by Jeni Grossman at

Wasatch Savage by Lee Nelson
Cedar Fort
Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author $17.95

A new edition of an early Lee Nelson novel that intertwines the lives of a feisty young woman who takes over her dead father's business, an athletic cowboy bull rider, a disillusioned inventor who disappears into the Wasatch Mountains and an Indian who sets a stolen calf loose on an uninhabited island in the Great Salt Lake.

Wasatch Savage
More about "Wasatch Savage" by Lee Nelson at Cedar Fort

or learn more about "Wasatch Savage" by Lee Nelson at

Kingdom and the Crown Vol 1: Fishers of Men by Gerald N. Lund
Deseret Book
Unabridged audio; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author $39.95

Complete audio version of Lund's newest novel, the start of a series portraying the life of Christ.

Fishers of Men
More about "Fishers of Men" by Gerald N. Lund at

Captain Matrimony by Robert F. Smith
Deseret Book
Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author &Subject $12.95

Romantic humor novel about an eastern Mormon, Andy Phillips, who comes to teach in the tiny Utah town of Mishap, where residents are scared because two young lovers disappeared while leaving for their honeymoon. The town now believes anyone who marries in town will find an unseemly and untimely end. But Phillips solves the mystery of the disappearance of the young lovers, gets the town to discount the curse, and finds the girl of his dream.

Captain Matrimony
More about "Captain Matrimony" by Robert F. Smith at

The Touch of the Master's Hand by Larry Barkdull
Maasai Publishing
Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $6.95

A novel inspired by the famous poem, The Touch of the Master's Hand tells the story of a family trying to raise money to pay for the treatment of their young daughter. Their efforts are met with disappointment and betrayal, but the kindness of friends and the gift of a violin from a mysterious old man cause the miracle of healing.

ZION -- The Long Road to Sanctification by Larry Barkdull
Maasai Publishing
Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $16.95

The second book in the Zion series, which tells the story of Enoch, the Seer as he tries to establish the most perfect society to exist on Earth. In this book Rabunel, on a mission of mercy, is captured by the secret Mahan society, wounded and left for dead. His brush with death sets off a series of events that resolve into a central question: "Is a Zion society the product of environment or individual choice?"

Martin Harris Story by Madge Harris Tuckett and Belle Harris Wilson
Maasai Publishing
Book; LDS Publisher; Non-fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $12.95

The most complete and accurate account of Martin Harris' life, according to the publisher. The book includes detailed research, rare correspondence and many rare photographs. Written by his brother Emer's great-granddaughters.


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