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Posted 11 Jun 2001   For week ended June 08, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 05Jun01

By Kent Larsen

Sports: Revamped Sports Stats Gives More Information

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Mormon News has made some changes to our weekly Sports Statistics, hoping that it will clear up questions we get about the Mormon affiliation of the athletes we include. In addition, Mormon News' subscribers have helped identify two WNBA players, and we are looking for information about players in the Canadian Football League, which begins play this month. Except for baseball, last week was a slow week for most Mormon pro athletes.

In response to queries from subscribers and visitors to the Mormon News website, Mormon News has added affiliation information to the Mormon Professional Athlete sports statistics that we provide weekly. The added information makes it clearer whether the athlete is LDS or simply has Mormon Heritage, and it identifies some athletes whose Mormon affiliation is very likely, but which we have not been able to confirm. Those athletes that are inactive LDS Church members or who simply have Mormon heritage have now been listed with a (MH) in front of their names. An asterix (*) precedes the names who seem very likely to be Mormon, but which we haven't been able to confirm. As always, we are interested in getting more accurate information.

With the NBA championships starting this week, Mark Madsen is the only Mormon player remaining on one of the two teams remaining. He was idle with the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers as they awaited the results of the Philadelphia 76ers-Milwaukee Bucks playoff, which resulted in the elimination of Mark Pope and the Bucks. Pope only played one minute of one game this past week.

The main action remained in baseball, where Jeff Kent had one of his strongest weeks so far this year. Kent went 10 for 29, scoring five runs over six games, but only managed to get a single RBI, leaving him back nearly 20 from the RBI leader in the National League. Wally Joyner had an off week, managing just 1 hit in 12 at bats over five games.

Pitcher Shawn Estes also had a strong game facing the Arizona Diamondbacks, blanking them over seven innings and only giving up five hits. But that effort didn't give him a win, as San Francisco failed to score, and lost the game in the final two innings. Relief pitchers Kyle Farnsworth and Mike Fetters both gave up an earned run apiece in their few innings pitched, giving them average performances for the week. In contrast to Estes, the Pirates' Omar Olivares was a disaster, giving up 11 runs in eight innings over two games.

In the initial WNBA action, the Miami Sol's Kristen Rasmussen saw 10 minutes of playing time in the Sol's first game, while Natalie Williams was a key part of the Utah Starzz' performance, playing about half of each of the teams' two games and averaging 13.5 points per game.

Most of the Mormons on the golf tours were idle last week. The exceptions were Mike Weir, who tied for 30th in the Memorial Tournament, and Bruce Summerhays, who tied for 34th in the Bellsouth Senior Classic. In Soccer Maren Hendershot again filled a substitute roll, playing the final two mintes of the Courage's win against Atlanta.


Major League Baseball

Position Players:
Brian BeanCatcherChicago Cubs
[Playing in Minors for Iowa Cubs]
McKay ChristensenCenter FieldChicago White Sox
[Playing in Minors for Charlotte]
Wally JoynerFirst BaseAnaheim Angels
This Week 5 12 0 1 0 1 1 10.083
YTD 461331434 3 1311170.256
Jeff KentSecond BaseSan Francisco Giants
This Week 6 29 510 0 1 3 50.345
YTD 562092757 8 4022390.273

Shawn EstesStarting PitcherSan Francisco Giants
This Week 10-00 0.00 7.0 5 0 0 2 2
YTD 94-20 2.7958.04719182241
Kyle FarnsworthRelief PitcherChicago Cubs
This Week 30-00 3.00 3.0 01 1 3 8
YTD 270-10 2.9627.3249 91148
Mike FettersRelief PitcherLos Angeles Dodgers
This Week 31-005.421.721110
YTD 202-004.4218.315109816
* Omar OlivaresStarting PitcherPittsburg Pirates
This Week 20-1012.38816111125
YTD 112-606.56596944432145
Garret StephensonStarting PitcherSt Louis Cardinals
[On the Disabled List - out for the season]


Shawn BradleyCenterDallas Mavericks
  G Min FG/FGARebPtsPpg Pp60min
This Week 0 0 0/ 0 0 00.00 0.00
YTD 922257246/4986796436.9917.09
Travis KnightCenterNew York Knicks
  GMin FG/FGARebPtsPpg Pp60min
This Week 0 0 0/ 0 0 00.000.00
YTD 46257 10/ 5353290.636.77
Mark MadsenForwardLos Angeles Lakers
  GMinFG/FGARebPtsPpg Pp60min
This Week 0 0 0/ 0 0 00.00 0.00
YTD 8168656/1251611421.7512.42
(MH) Scot PollardForwardSacramento Kings
  G Min FG/FGARebPtsPpg Pp60min
This Week 0 0 0/ 0 0 00.00 0.00
YTD 841766203/4335175376.3918.24
Mark PopeCenterMilwaukee Bucs
  G Min FG/FGARebPtsPpg Pp60min
This Week 1 1 1/ 1 0 22.00120.00
YTD 69 987 66/1451591592.30 9.67

* Kristen RasmussenForwardMiami Sol
  G Min FG/FGARebPtsPpg Pp60min
This Week 1 10 0/ 1 4 00.00 0.00
YTD 1 10 0/ 1 4 00.00 0.00
(MH) Natalie WilliamsForwardUtah Starzz
  G Min FG/FGARebPtsPpg Pp60min
This Week 2 59 12/ 28 23 2713.5 27.5
YTD 2 59 12/ 28 23 2713.5 27.5



The NFL season has ended.


The CFL season begins June 20th.

Wide receiver Ben Cahoon of the Montreal Alouettes is LDS, but we don't yet have a source for statistics on him.

We have also identified the following possible Mormon players, based on the 2001 Rosters:

Player Team College
Chris Ellison Saskatchewan Rough RidersBYU
Curtis Marsh Saskatchewan Rough RidersUtah
Omaar Morgan Saskatchewan Rough RidersBYU
Rob Hitchcock Hamilton Tiger-Cats Weber State
Trevor Shaw Hamilton Tiger-Cats Weber State
Kevin Alexander Montreal Alouettes Utah State
Darnell ArceneauxMontreal Alouettes Utah
Anthony Calvillo Montreal Alouettes Utah State
Josh Cochran Montreal Alouettes Utah
Neal Fort Montreal Alouettes BYU
Chad Folk Toronto Argonauts Utah
Profail Greer Toronto Argonauts Utah State
Errol Martin Toronto Argonauts Utah
Morgan Welch Toronto Argonauts Weber State
Brandon Dyson Winnipeg Blue Bombers Utah State
Moe Elewonibi Winnipeg Blue Bombers BYU



The NHL's regular season has ended, and the only Mormon player we know is not on a team playing in the playoffs.


PGA Tour
Jay Don BlakeEvent Results   
This Week Idle
YTD Events Entered: 15, Made Cut: 10$229,418.66
Keith ClearwaterEvent Results   
This Week Idle
YTD Events Entered: 10, Made Cut: 2$27,253.33
Dan Forsman Event Results    
This Week Idle
YTD Events Entered: 10, Made Cut: 7$173,309.43
Mike Reid Event Results   
This Week Idle
YTD Events Entered: 4, Made Cut: 1$15,566.66
* Mike Weir Event Results    
This Week Memorial TournamentT3072-69-71-75$24,365.71
YTD Events Entered: 13, Made Cut: 12$1,376,260.25
* Richard Zokol Event Results  
This Week Idle
YTD Events Entered: 7, Made Cut: 6$30,349.28

Senior PGA Tour
Billy CasperEvent Results   
This Week: Idle     
Year to date:  Entered 2 events, earned $6,568.50
Johnny MillerEvent Results  
This Week: Idle     
Year to date:   
Bruce SummerhaysEvent Results  
This Week BellSouth Senior Classic at OprylandT3471-73-72$9,080.00
YTD Events Entered: 16$377,040.34


Maren HendershotCarolina Courage
This Week 1 0 2000416
YTD 6 21890008211

* Mormon News has enough information to make it likely that this athlete is either Mormon or has Mormon heritage. But we have so far been unable to confirm this suspicion.

(MH) - Mormon Heritage - This athlete is either an inactive LDS Church member, or has Mormon heritage.


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