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Posted 11 Jun 2001   For week ended June 08, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 05Jun01

By Kent Larsen

Internet: Mission Alumni, Kids, Modest Prom Dresses and Scriptures by Email

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- New websites include a couple of well-designed sites for alumni of missions, a promising website for kids, a good-looking website for modest prom dresses and a personalized scripture email service. The most surprising thing is that these sites are all so well designed -- much better than the average Mormon website.

The best of the two mission alumni sites is for the Uruguay Montevideo West mission, which includes about every feature that a mission alumni could want, and it passes on the annoying (and questionable from a design standpoint) backgrounds found on many alumni websites. Also clean and well-designed is, a non-commercial website to assist young women in finding modest prom dresses or modifying dresses to make them modest. The design on this site is good enough that you expect something for sale somewhere! is a promising website for kids that relies heavily on flash. I expected it to be much slower than it actually is, but I also expected a lot more content and icons that gave the user a clearer idea of where they went, given that the site uses few written words. It will be great to see this site when it has ten or twenty times the amount of content currently there.

Also interesting is The Standard, a scripture-reading service that allows tracking where you are, and reading at your own speed. While the service offers a free 12-month trial, I hesitate to sign up when it doesn't say how much it will cost -- I don't want to get hooked into something that I can't afford.

Newly Listed Mormon Websites:

The Ohio Cleveland Mission

Mission alumni page that includes a mission alumni listing, notice board and map of the mission boundaries.


LDS site for kids. Simple design includes games, a way to send email cards, inspirational stories, a 'Gospel in Action' section, and a travel machine that gives youth a view of other countries. Relies heavily on Flash, and some sections need further development and symbols used don't always communicate clearly what they link to.

Website with information on how to buy, make or modify prom dresses so they are modest. Site is so well-designed and cleanly-organized you expect it to be selling something. But the site isn't selling dresses itself, instead it links to other sites that are.

Our House

LDS-themed Family website for the Unrau family. Includes web pages for each member of the family, as well as links throughout the site to LDS websites and documents.

Uruguay Montevideo West Mission

Extensive mission alumni page that includes lists of alumni and friends, a guestbook, news, information about reunions, a message board, links, lists of mission presidents, an email list and information on current missionaries. A very thorough mission alumni website.

Ten Mile River Scout Reservation LDS Regional Camp

Straightforward site for regional scout camp for stakes in northern New Jersey to be held the first week of July. LDS scoutmasters in that area can use the site to register and sign-up their troops for the camp, download documents with basic information about the camp and get merit badge information. A well-conceived website that other scout camps may want to emulate.

The Standard Works

Service that helps user to read the scriptures. Sends reading selection to user through email at the users own pace, tracking the user's progress and allowing user to control speed and reading order. Offers 12-month free trial. But service never indicates how much it will cost after 12-month trial expires, and well-designed, clean-looking website is a little slow, apparently because of use of javascript and because of MS Internet Explorer-specific design.


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