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Posted 23 May 2001   For week ended May 18, 2001
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Political News

Deseret News Survey Shows Mormons Still Dominate Utah
The Deseret News completed its five-day look at the most powerful and influential Utahns, creating a list of 20 people that is dominated by active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At least half of those on the Deseret News' list, and all of the top five on that list, are active LDS Church members. But the News points out that the nature of power in Utah has changed dramatically, broadening to include more people and more points of view.

Most Influential in Utah are Mormon
The Deseret News yesterday started a series of articles on the men it has identified as the most influential and powerful in Utah. The five-part series, to be published daily through Thursday, will include an article on each of the three men considered the most influential of all, and articles identifying other influential Utahns.

Hatch Still Involved in Battle Over Judicial Appointees
Four years ago the Senate Judiciary Committee found itself deadlocked over one of President Clinton's nominees to the Justice Department. In an attempt at levity, the committee's ranking Democrat and Grateful Dead fan, Patrick Leahy, sent the chairman, Orrin Hatch, a Jerry Garcia tie. In turn, Hatch - a staunch Republican conservative - sent Leahy a Rush Limbaugh tie.

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