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Posted 21 May 2001   For week ended May 18, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 17May01

By Kent Larsen

Internet: New Arts, Music Sites, and Ydaho

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The newly listed Mormon websites this week include a number of arts and music sites. LDS artist Del Parson's website, Providence Music Publishing and Mark Hansen's website are probably the best of the lot, with a lot of information and clean, clear design. A very useful addition to the web is Preston Hunter's page on LDS Filmmakers. while Hunter claims the list is incomplete, it is far more complete than anything anyone else has put together.

In the odd department is the new site, Ydaho, a bald-faced attempt to capitalize on the change of Ricks College to BYU-Idaho. The site sells tee-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and other material that read "Ydaho," apparently the owner's nickname for the college.

Newly Listed Mormon Websites:

Northern Far East Alumni Page
Mission alumni page for mission that covered Japan until 1973. Includes alumni list, an 'In Memorium' page for alumni that have passed on, a list of mission presidents, stories, links and a newsletter.

Texas-based web hosting service run by LDS Church members and marketed to them. Provides sophisticated bulletin boards with the hosting service.

Del Parson Studio
Home page for LDS artists who specializes in portraits of Christ. Includes a gallery of his works, a biography and a page for placing orders (non e-commerce).

Inspirational Stories by Jason Nemrow
Complete text of five stories written by LDS Church member Nemrow, two of which are also available in pdf format.

Providence Music Publishing
Page for Bountiful, Utah-based music publishers who specialize in New American Classics and Church music. Site contains a catalog, some scores, audio samples and the ability to place secure orders.

Feature Films by Latter-day Saint Filmmakers and Actors
Long page with extensive information about LDS Filmmakers and actors, including lists of upcoming films by or about LDS Church members.

Lehi, Father of Polynesia
Page on the book "Lehi, Father of Polynesia" by Bruce S. Sutton. Book seeks to tie Book of Mormon information into traditional Polynesian genealogies.

Business selling Tee-shirts, caps, sweatshirts and other products with the "Ydaho" logo on them. Logo comes from Ricks College's new name, BYU-Idaho.

Tidbits and Tales of Richmond, Ray County, Missouri
Includes page on the disaster of the Saluda Steamboat, an 1852 steamboat accident that took the lives of as many as 200 Mormon pioneers traveling to Utah. It was the worst steamboat accident to that date.

Black Mormons &The Priesthood Ban
Page written by the Elijah Abel Society of Black Latter-day Saints. Includes a FAQ about Mormonism and blacks and links to other resources about blacks and the priesthood ban.

Web-based bulletin-board system for discussing LDS topics.

Western Horizons
Art gallery and gift store with specific page for LDS items, including scriptures, primary portraits and missionary portraits.

Gospel World Audio Center
List of LDS music and spoken audio links.

Mark Hansen
Home page for LDS rock musician Mark Hansen. Includes news, information about performances, lyrics and mp3s for his songs, ordering links for his CDs, and links to other LDS rock music sites.


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