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Posted 14 May 2001   For week ended May 11, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 08May01

By Kent Larsen

Marie Osmond Starts 'Behind the Smile' Book Tour

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- With the release of her new book, "Behind the Smile: My Journey Out of Postpartum Depression," Marie Osmond is starting a book tour to promote the book, which she says is meant to help those suffering from similar depression. Osmond's struggle occurred in the past year, during which she separated from her husband, then publicly declared that she suffered from postpartum depression. She has since reconciled with her husband.

Osmond was in Salt Lake City signing copies of her book yesterday, and is signing in Provo, Utah today. She says things have improved substantially since her very public struggle, "We're doing awesome, Just totally awesome."

The story seems to have hit a chord with women. Her physician, Dr. Judith Moore, a co-author in the book, was innundated with calls after the book was previewed in the May issue of God Housekeeping. Osmond got a huge response when she revealed the problem last year on Oprah, "When I did 'Oprah' I got thousands of e-mails from women thanking me for giving what is bothering them a name." She adds, "We've hit a chord with women. I felt like the message needed to get out."

But the book may bring out some questions that Osmond hasn't answered, and apparently doesn't want to talk about. Several news stories have called attention to Osmond's revelation that she was abused as a child, included in the book because many women who suffer from postpartum depression were abused when very young. "Abuse of some sort seems to be a common link," explains Osmond. But she also says that including the abuse was important for her, "I couldn't be honest in my own story if I didn't reveal it. But that was a long time ago," she says. According to Osmond the abuse came from "people with very temporary access to my life, people I didn't know well."

Following the tour, Osmond says she plans to spend the next year helping her eldest son, Stephen, prepare for an LDS mission. To do that, she wants to stay home more, and has turned down four Broadway shows and a "bunch of television projects."


Marie Osmond Tours to Promote Book
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Osmond Is Beating the Blues
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By Hilary Groutage: Salt Lake Tribune

Behind the smile of Marie Osmond
Deseret News 2May01 A2
By Dennis Lythgoe: Deseret News book editor


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