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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended February 2, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

 General News

'South Park' Producers Hit LDS Roadblock
The new series by the producers of Comedy Central's "South Park" won't get the name that the producers wanted, thanks to the LDS Church. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who once lampooned a Mormon missionary in one of their films, are producing a new TV series about the first family. But they weren't able to simply turn the name around. The name Family First is an LDS Church trademark.


 Local News

Angel Moroni Placed Atop Campinas Temple
Today was a great day for the Church in Campinas. At just after 12:00 noon, a group of local members, including the Area President, several Area Authorities, the Mission President and nine stake presidents and their families watched as a gold-leaf statue of the Angel Moroni was placed atop the Campinas Temple.


LDS Grandmother Slain in Kidnapping Attempt
Diane Bragg, an LDS grandmother was murdered Monday morning when she fought to escape a kidnapping attempt by a man looking for "an easy target." Bragg drove to the South Bay Galleria Mall about 11:30 am to meet a friend for lunch, but Joshua Daniel Lee thought she was an easy target and tried to kidnap and rob her. When she resisted, he murdered her. Lee was apprehended at the scene by two repairmen working nearby.



Lewis Wins Smiles, Perspective in Charity Golf Tournament
LDS football star Chad Lewis played in the Ace Hardware Golf Shootout Wednesday, winning smiles and perspective from the charitable event, which benefits the Children's Miracle Network. An article in Philadelphia's Daily News that tugs at the heartstrings tells how Lewis, in Hawaii ahead of the NFL's Pro Bowl, got the smiles and perspective not from the audience or his teammates in the competition, but from his caddy.


Young Teams With Rice Again -- and Two Mormon Golfers
Although they didn't set any records, and even though they were on opposing teams, it was good to see Steve Young and Jerry Rice playing together once again. Former SF 49ers teammates Young and Rice both appeared last week at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Golf Tournament held at Spyglass.



Lexington KY to Settle with LDS Church in Zoning Dispute
Lawyers for Lexington, Kentucky faced with a court hearing to determine damages due to the LDS Church, have proposed a settlement which would give the Church the parking it sought and $90,000. The dispute comes because a local zoning board refused permission for the Church to increase the size of the parking lot for a chapel adjacent to the University of Kentucky.


Proposed French Law Calls Mormons 'Dangerous Cult'
A proposed law that is expected to pass France's parliament this week would classify Mormons as a "Dangerous Cult" and subject missionaries to criminal penalties for "mental manipulation." The controversial law has been attacked by even mainstream churches not on the law's list of "dangerous cults" and civil liberties advocates, who worry that the law will diminish religious freedom in France and discourage proselyting.


No Articles Available.


Las Vegas LDS Opera Patron, Tove Allen, Succumbs to Cancer
A prominent patron of opera and the arts in Las Vegas, Tove Allen, died Sunday after a two-year battle with ovarian cancer. Allen was remembered in both major Las Vegas newspapers as an important and influential supporter of both the Nevada Opera Theatre and the arts in general. She was 67.


Michael Young: Having a 'Wonderfully Good Time'
Vice-chair of the United States International Commission on Religious Freedom. Husband and Father. Former Stake President. Returned missionary. Graduate of Brigham Young University and Harvard Law School. Former Law Clerk to a Supreme Court Justice. The man is Dean Michael Young, who, in addition to all of the above, is the current Dean of the George Washington Law School.

 Arts & Entertainment

Osmond Movie Gives One Writer Memories, Sense of Life
Television network ABC will air a two-hour film about the Osmond family on Monday, February 5th at 8 pm. The film is billed as a sort of tell-all, in which the actors show what family members say they felt at the time. In New York's Village Voice weekly newspaper one writer's well-written essay relates his feelings as he witnessed the filming of the movie. Guy Maddin says that seeing the filming was more than a trip down memory lane. It also taught him about aging and life.


Hallmark Adapts LDS Artist James Christensen's 'Voyage of the Basset' for TV
LDS Artist James C. Christensen's "Voyage of the Basset" has been made into a TV movie by Hallmark Entertainment and will air on the Odyssey Channel in early March. The film adaptation, renamed "Voyage of the Unicorn," features actors Beau Bridges, Heather McEwen, Colin Heath, Kristian Ayre. Christensen also recently introduced a new painting, "All the World's a Stage" in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Utah Shakespearean Festival.


News Analysis: Bonneville Faces Future of Radio
The Telecommunications Act, signed into law in February 1996, has transformed the radio industry in the past five years, and in the process transformed the LDS Church's Bonneville International Corp. But the full effect of the act may still not have been felt, as technologies enabled by the act transform the industry yet again.


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