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  Lexington KY to Settle with LDS Church in Zoning Dispute
Lawyers for Lexington, Kentucky faced with a court hearing to determine damages due to the LDS Church, have proposed a settlement which would give the Church the parking it sought and $90,000. The dispute comes because a local zoning board refused permission for the Church to increase the size of the parking lot for a chapel adjacent to the University of Kentucky.

  Proposed French Law Calls Mormons 'Dangerous Cult'
A proposed law that is expected to pass France's parliament this week would classify Mormons as a "Dangerous Cult" and subject missionaries to criminal penalties for "mental manipulation." The controversial law has been attacked by even mainstream churches not on the law's list of "dangerous cults" and civil liberties advocates, who worry that the law will diminish religious freedom in France and discourage proselyting.

  LDS Lawyer Joins White House Counsel's Office
Timothy Flanigan, a conservative Mormon lawyer who was once a clerk for Chief Justice Warren Berger, has been tapped to serve as the #2 lawyer in the Bush White House. An article in the Washington Post yesterday detailed Flanigan's background and claimed that the counsel's office may have "cornered the market" in legal talent.

LDS Politician Part of a New Breed
The Sierra foothills of Sacramento are home to a new breed of conservatives. Much of the growth is coming from high-tech companies such as Intel and Hewlett-Packard. These companies are bringing thousands of transplants from the Bay Area who like the landscape and the politics. Eric King brought his family from the Silicon Valley to Folsom City, the new Orange County of the north.

  LDS Church: No Comment on Bush 'Charitable Choice' Plan
The LDS Church reacted with caution to the Bush administration's announcement Monday of a "Charitable Choice" program that could provide federal funds to religious organizations for non-religious charitable work. LDS Church spokesman Dale Bills told the Arizona Republic that the Church would not comment on the proposal, and the Church issued a statement Tuesday saying only that the Church had operated a welfare plan for 60 years without Government funds.

  Hatch introduces Bill to Honor Mormon Trail Routes
Sen. Orrin Hatch today introduced legislation to designate as historic a number of pioneer trails that helped Utah's early settlers cross the plains in the mid-1800s and begin the nation's vast migration to the West.

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