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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended December 8, 2000
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Local News

  Mesa Police Officers Claim Discrimination By LDS Superiors
In a third major incident this year involving the heavily Mormon eatstern Phoenix suburbs of Mesa and Gilbert, a group of nine disgruntled police officers have filed a discrimination lawsuit against their department. The lawsuit claims that the department illegally favored other officers over them because of race and religion. The Mesa police chief is LDS and the officers claim that their superiors favored LDS officers over them.

  Creches, Lights, Choirs Are Public Face of Mormon Christmas
Looking at the events at LDS facilities around the U.S., it seems the Church's public face at Christmas time is made up of Christmas lights decorating temples and visitors centers, choirs performing Christmas music and exhibits of nativity creches at many local chapels around the country. The newest of these traditions is the exhibit of nativity creches, which in the past 18 years has grown from a pioneering exhibit in Ann Arbor, Michigan to as many as 50 annual exhibits at LDS chapels in North America.

  LDS Man Murdered by Roommates in Arkansas
Police in Fayetteville, Arkansas have arrested the two roommates of LDS Church member Keith VanMaren after they discovered VanMaren murdered in his bed early Wednesday morning. Acting on a tip from an informant, the police went to Van Maren's apartment and found him lying faceup in his bed, apparently strangled with a belt. The roommates, James Pugh, 29, and Joy Doss, 21, were in the apartment and arrested at that time.

  LDS San Antonio Nativity Exhibit Draws Anti-Mormon Protest
The seven-year-old annual exhibit of nearly 1,000 Christmas creches at the San Antonio North Stake Center drew a small group of anti-Mormon protesters along with the approximately 10,000 visitors to the exhibit. As many as 20 protesters from the nondenominational group Evidence Ministries distributed brochures warning visitors against the LDS Church, but not discouraging them from seeing the exhibit. The protesters say they have seen the exhibit themselves and think its' beautiful.

  LDS Group Taking Canneries To The World
A group of LDS Church members in Pocatello, Idaho have found a way to use discarded Church resources to help others around the world. Mel Farmer, director of the Church's Bishop's Storehouse in Pocatello formed the charity World Wide Canneries, Inc., to purchase cannery equipment from the LDS canneries being closed and provide that equipment to groups in foreign countries.

  In Queens, LDS In Former Watch School
A former watchmaking school is now an LDS chapel, reports today's New York Newsday. The LDS Church purchased the former Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking in 1997, and after renovation, the building opened in March as the second largest LDS building in New York City, after the 1970s-era Lincoln Square building on Manhattan.

  Lethbridge Organisations Adopt Orphanage
Two organisations devoted to defending causes for youth have joined forces to help provided life's necessities for Uganda orphans. Youth for Action, founded and led by Latter-day Saint Kim Malacko, earlier this year teamed up with International Voice for Youth to adopt an orphanage in Uganda.

  Denver's Bishop's Storehouse Examined
Denver's regional Bishop's Storehouse was examined in a Rocky Mountain News article yesterday. The article looked at the center's canning and food storage facilities and looked at its participation in community projects.

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