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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended December 08, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 07Dec00

By Kent Larsen

MSI Resists Much of NASDAQ Fall

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- With the broader NASDAQ index falling 9% for the week, the Mormon Stock Index managed to limit its own drop to under 3%, thanks to a strong performance by Corvis and gains at larger, NYSE stocks like Black & Decker, Host Marriott, Marriott International, Ryder Systems and Zions Bancorp. For the year, the MSI remains up nearly 10%, with many of its components retaining large increases.

The index was pushed down by tech stocks, especially Dell, Caldera, Iomega and Micrel Semiconductor. However, the drops in these stocks seemed to be driven by the market's attitude toward tech stocks, rather than the stocks themselves. Dell in particular has avoided much of the recent bad news that has hit other PC manufacturers, particularly Gateway, and is well positioned to maintain sales despite weak demand. Iomega is seeing success from recent product introductions and Micrel's price loss is similar to other semiconductor manufacturers.

Also down this past week was Hollywood Entertainment, which still hasn't managed to hit bottom. The company's stock lost another third of its value, continuing the squeeze on CEO Mark Wattles. The stock's price hit a new low of $0.625 a share last week, down from a high of over $30 in January 1999 and $15 earlier this year. The bright spots on the index were Corvis, which recovered more than $5 a share, closing the week at $32.3125, and Earthshell, the environmental packaging manufacturer, which rose nearly 20% to 2.8125. The company has been told by McDonalds that its new clamshell will be rolled out to an additional 300 stores.

Mormon Stock Index   109.8134down 3.1712
Company SymbolLDS Executive Closing Price Change
AES Corp. AES Roger W. Sant, Chairman51.6875 down 4.1875
Black &Decker BDK Nolan D. Archbald, CEO 36.8125 up 2.8750
Caldera Systems CALD Ransom H. Love, CEO 2.0000 down 0.5000
Corvis Corporation CORV David Huber, CEO 32.3125 up 5.3125
1-800-Contacts CTAC Jonathan C. Coon, President &CEO27.6250down 3.0625
Dell Computer DELL Kevin B. Rollins, Vice Chairman18.4375down 5.9375
EarthShell ERTH Simon K. Hodson, CEO 2.8125 up 0.4375
Franklin Covey FC Stephen R. Covey, Chairman8.0625 down 0.7500
Fonix FONX Steve Studdert, Chairman0.4688 down 0.1250
Hollywood Entertainment HLYW Mark J. Wattles, CEO 1.0000 down 0.5000
Host Marriott HMT Richard Marriott, Chairman11.5000 down 0.5000
I-Link ILNK John Edwards, Chairman & CEO1.7500down 0.2500
Iomega IOM David J. Dunn, Chairman5.0000 down 1.0300
Marriott International MAR J.W. Marriott, Jr., Chairman41.8750 up 1.1875
Micrel Semiconductors MCRL Ray Zinn, Chairman and CEO31.1875 down 6.6875
Myriad Genetics MYGN Christopher L. Wight, VP, General Counsel80.0250up 6.5000
Novell NOVL Stewart Nelson, COO 5.6562 down 0.5313
NuSkin NUS Most of Management is LDS, including Chairman and CEO4.5000down 0.6250
Oakley, Inc. OO Jim Jannard, Chairman &CEO18.9375 no change
Ryder Systems R Tony Burns, Chairman 18.9375 up 1.9375
Cornerstone REIT TCR Glade M. Knight, Chairman &CEO10.7500down 0.1250
Ten Fold TENF Gary Kennedy, President and CEO1.3125 down 0.6250
Zions Bancorp ZION Harris Simmons, Chairman55.6250 up 2.3750



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