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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended August 20, 2000
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Arts & Entertainment News

  Edmonton Sun Changes Tune, Says 'Mormon Sex Manual' Jumps Off Shelves
A day after it claimed that sales of an LDS book were "cold" in Edmonton, the Edmonton Sun changed its opinion and said the book "jumps off city shelves." In the more recent story, the Sun quoted the owner of an LDS bookstore in its article about "Between Husband and Wife," an LDS book about marital intimacy. In the previous story the article's reporter talked to a general interest bookstore in Edmonton.

  LDS Book Hot in Utah is Cold in Alberta
The LDS book on intimacy that gained international attention for its strong sales after an Associated Press article featured it isn't selling well at all in Canada. An article in the Edmonton Sun says that the book is "a great unknown here."

  LDS Author Mentioned in Cyber Publishing Roundup
An article in the New London Day mentions local first time LDS author, Tage N. Wright Jr's book "The Armageddon." The story starts with Dr Jacob Campbell leaving Salt Lake City with a donation from Brigham Young and other LDS contributors in an effort to find the lost cities of the Book of Mormon.

  Evenson's New Book 'Contagion' Called 'Menacing, Chilly'
LDS Church member and former BYU english professor Brian Evenson has a new collection of short stories out, but the collection, like his previous books, is unlikely to be read by most LDS Church members. Like his previous work, Evenson's "Contagion" is "stark, dark and violent," says the Seattle Times' Richard Wallace.

  Local Members Help Promote Arts
Young men, young women and married Latter-day Saints have all been a part of Young Artists for the Arts. " a non-denominational organization created with the sole purpose of providing performance skills in different settings for young artists," said Jennifer Dorward in a recent conversation with LDSCaNews.

  LDS Performer Releases CD, 'Beyond These Walls'
Dana Bishop Sanders has recently released her first CD of ballads, big band, light rock, old Irish melodies, traditional religious songs, and swing.

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