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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended August 20, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 18Aug00

Summarized by Jane Dumont

LDS Performer Releases CD, 'Beyond These Walls'

WASHINGTON, DC -- Dana Bishop Sanders has recently released her first CD of ballads, big band, light rock, old Irish melodies, traditional religious songs, and swing.

Dana Bishop Sanders grew up in Utah, learning to play the piano and violin and singing since her childhood. From that fairly conventional beginning, she has led a quite unusual life. As her musical talents developed along with acting skills, she performed over the years as a singer and actress in Australia, Los Angeles, New York, and the Washington DC metropolitan area. And now, as the busy mother of four children, she's also released an album containing her performances of 11 songs, 8 of which she wrote or co-wrote herself.

__According to Dana:__

" 'Beyond These Walls' was written with the idea that I wanted to make music to help me on good days and bad--help me with my listening, help me on some days to simply not give up, help me to reach out more. The eclectic musical styles remind me that we can be surprised by what we hear when we really listen beyond our immediate familiar circle."

The album is indeed eclectic - the various numbers express a wide range of styles and moods, including ballads, big band, light rock, old Irish melodies, traditional religious songs, and swing. There's a little something for everyone, but overall, the music is optimistic and joyful. The arrangements are very well done - Mike Crotty, the arranger, and Bob Dawson, the producer, are a Grammy-nominated team. Dana's rich solo voice is accompanied by various combinations of 51 musicians.

Five of the songs from the album can be previewed on her webpage in several audio formats (see
- Sunday Kind of Love (Big Band)
- Bless This House (Soft Spiritual)
- Angel Wings (Inspirational, Irish melody)
- Mama Told Me (Uplifting, Big Band)
- Hold On (Contemporary Inspirational)

Dana's creative lyrics add interest to the music and reflect some of the challenges of life, and a mother's approach to dealing with them. For instance, these words are from "Seize the Day":

I don't need my own room - just a small bit of time,
A stillness, a quiet, to look back and see - the parts of my day that were fine.
To fill me up, so I can pour, to open my eyes to the day
To listen and look, before I cross my life - I want to be able to say:

Seize the day, seize the joy, hug the little ones running around.
Seize the day, seize the joy, play your own music, savor each sound.
It's only a day in the day of your life, it's only a moment in time,
One little moment you've waited for all of your life.

__Dana says__

"I worried at first that the variety of the musical styles would be distracting, but the album fits together well. The different styles are alternated through the tracks to give just the right mix. I especially enjoyed the songs written to traditional Irish music ("Angel Wings" and "Silver Promises") and some of the "softer" songs ("Hold On," "A Simple Life," "Bless This House"). But several of the more "upbeat" songs seemed to lift my mood effectively ("Down and Beyond" and "Seize The Day")."

In the album's introduction, Dana wrote: "My wish is that this music will stir in you a spirit of hope, vigor, and joy--the essence of what I have felt in its creation."

You succeeded, Dana - the music does just that.

For more information about "Beyond These Walls," including online sample sound clips and ordering information, see: Or call 1-888-431-3262.


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