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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended August 6, 2000
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Sports News

  Associated Press Says Young Would Be Strong Candidate, If He Runs
LDS Football Star Steve Young's invocation at the Republican National Convention last night led the Associated Press' Theimer to speculate on the possibility that Young will enter politics. And Theimer discovers that the GOP would love to have him. Republicans say that Young would bring name recognition, intelligence, media savvy and morality to public office.

  Wally Joyner Hits 200th Career Homer, Other Mormon Athletes Have Off Week
The Atlanta Braves' Wally Joyner hit his 199th and 200th career home runs and hit .381 in taking advantage of an injury that put him on first base full-time for the Braves. Joyner is a 15-year veteran player who was traded to the Braves from the San Diego Padres at the end of last year.

  One Year After Rancorous Negotiations, Tait Set To Be Star
One year after struggling through rancorous contract negotiations, LDS football player John Tait is feeling comfortable at his position, and the Kansas City Chiefs think he is set to be a star. Tait missed training camp and the first four games of the NFL season as his agent Ethan Lock argued with the Chiefs' president Carl Peterson over his contract. At one point last year Tait, a returned LDS missionary, stormed out of the negotiations in protest over Peterson's foul language.

  Will Steve Young Go Into Politics?
News that retired San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young will give the invocation Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention has observers wondering if Young may be considering a career in politics. Speculation over exactly how Young will spend his time has continued since Young officially retired earlier this summer, with observers wondering if each move Young makes will indicate what his plans are.

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