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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended August 6, 2000
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  Marine Who Brought Bahraini Princess to US is Mormon
The US Marine who brought a Bahraini princess to the US disguised as a returning Marine is Mormon, according to a report in People magazine. Jason Johnson was assigned to a security force in Manama, Bahrain when he met Meriam Al-Khalifa, then 18, fell in love, and hatched a plan to secret her to the US.

  Gordon Gee Becomes Vanderbilt University's Chancellor Today
LDS Church member E. Gordon Gee officially becomes chancellor of Vanderbilt University today, and has already formed plans for big changes at the University. Gee, who left Brown University after a short and controversial term, plans to streamline Vanderbilt's administration and push for new construction projects on campus.

  LDS Woman Is Example of Good Neighbor
Nancy Beaman, 41, a Mormon mother, is helping a Hindu man cope with the murder of his wife. Kesturkoppal Muralidhara's wife, Vadewattee Muralidhara, 44, was one of eight people gunned by day trader Mark Barton one year ago.

  Julie Moving On Following Suspension
Four recent articles look at 21 year old Julie Stoffer and her suspension from Brigham Young University for violation of the Honor Code. Julie spent five months in a New Orleans mansion along with five male and female roommates, while she and her roommates were filmed for MTV's "Real World".

  Former Mission President Sanfred Elieson Sr.
Former mission president Sanfred Elieson Sr. died July 29th after a severe heart attack. Elieson, a long-time resident of Denton county, Texas, served as president of the then-Texas Mission for the LDS Church from 1964 to 1967. He was 85.

  LDS Tongan family's reunion is all about island culture
Charlotte, North Carolina, may seem an unlikely place for a full-blown Pacific island extravaganza... but the members of the Tonga family found it suited them just fine!

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