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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended July 23, 2000
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Arts & Entertainment News

 Voice Male performing next weekend in Provo and Layton
In this era of manufactured teen pop, angst rock and hardcore rap, it is refreshing to find a group that simply sings good songs.In 1994, six friends from Logan got together to do just that. Six years and five albums later, Voice Male is stronger than ever.

  Museum of Art lecture to focus on Utah's Depression Era art
The Museum of Art at Brigham Young University will host a free lecture on Utah art of the Depression given by the head of the Utah Museum Services Thursday, July 27, in the MOA auditorium at 7 p.m.

Other Arts & Entertainment Articles

Art Competition Winners on Exhibit At LDS Church Museum
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- The Museum of Church History and Art is currently exhibiting the winners of its international art competition for LDS artists. The competition is held every three years, the most recent competition featuring art about the Book of Mormon..

More than 400 pieces of art in a variety of media were submitted to the competition, and 142 are included in the exhibit. Jurors awarded several merit and purchase awards. Visitors to the exhibit can vote to give a visitor award to one of the works of art.

Museum of Church History and Art hosts LDS art competition
BYU NewsNet 19Jul00 A1
By Michelle Lewis: NewsNet Staff Writer


Movie About Osmonds Coming to TV
PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- A new made for TV movie about the Osmond family will start filming in September, aiming for broadcast in the beginning of 2001 on ABC. The film will concentrate on the family from the late 1960s through the 1980s.

The project was dreamed up by ABC programming executive Quinn Taylor, who sold it to the programming brass at ABC. It is being produced by Jimmy Osmond, the youngest in the family, Merv Griffin and Mark Sennet in association with Von Zernek/Sertner Films.

The movie is the second made for TV about the family. A 1982 movie, "Side by Side, The True Story of the Osmond Family," on NBC featured Marie playing the part of her mother.

TV to tell the Osmonds' tale
Deseret News 17Jul00 A2


Trilogy of Novels Looks At Black Pioneers
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- The first of a trilogy of historical fiction novels, "Standing on the Promises" by Margaret Blair Young and Darius Gray will be issued next month. "One More River to Cross" will be published by Bookcraft, an imprint of LDS Church-owned Deseret Book. It tells the story of the conversion and struggle to the Rocky Mountains of two free black pioneers - Elijah Abel and Jane Elizabeth Manning James - interwoven with the story of three black slaves that were among the first settlers in Utah: Green Flake, Hark Lay and Oscar Crosby.

Gray is the president of the Genesis Group, the LDS Church-sponsored group for African Americans, and Young is a well-regarded novelist and creative writing teacher at BYU.

Novels to focus on black pioneers
Deseret News 22Jul00 A4
By Carrie A. Moore: Deseret News religion editor
Trilogy to offer view 'through an entirely different set of eyes'

See also:
More about "One More River to Cross" at


"Two-Headed" to be Produced In Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- The Los Angeles County Arts Commission and A.S.K. Theater Projects will jointly produce a series of plays at the county-owned John Anson Ford Theatre in Hollywood. The plays will include the highly-regarded "Two Headed" by Mormon playwright Julie Jensen.

"Two Headed" has been produced in Salt Lake City and in New York City in the past year.The Timescape Arts Group will present the play Jan. 11-Feb. 25 of next year.

A.S.K. Helps the Ford With New Plays
Los Angeles Times 23Jul00 A2
By Don Shirley


BYU's Spring Performing Arts Company Travels For Youth Conference
PROVO, UTAH -- The Spring Performing Arts Company traveled to Vancouver, Washington on July 19th to perform for a regional youth conference. The team of eight male and eight female dancers went to perform "Dance 2000: Pioneers of the Heart." In addition to performing, the group will teach workshops and speak at a fireside.

BYU folk dance team to perform at youth conference
Excite News (Daily Universe) 19Jul00 A2
By Michelle Lewis: Daily Universe


Provo Doll Museum Honors LDS Women
PROVO, UTAH -- The McCurdy Doll Museum in Provo has put together a display of dolls depicting the women in a book. The dolls are dressed in the period dress of the women, who are drawn from two books, "Worth their Salt: Notable but Often Unnoted Women of Utah," and "Worth Their Salt, Too: More Notable but Often Unnoted Women of Utah."

Since the dolls are based on important historical figures, many of the women are Mormon and are remembered for their important contributions to the LDS Church as well as to the state of Utah. Women featured in the exhibit include Mawd May Babcock, Reva Beck Bosone, Maude Adams, Algie Ballif, Jane Manning James, and Patty Bartlett Sessions.

Doll museum hails women of Utah 'worth their salt'
Deseret News 17Jul00 A4
By Sharon Haddock: Deseret News staff writer

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Worth Their Salt
More about "Worth Their Salt: Notable but Often Unnoted Women of Utah" at


Worth Their Salt, Too
More about "Worth Their Salt, Too: More Notable but Often Unnoted Women of Utah" at


Leap Reviewed in New York Times
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- LDS writer Terry Tempest Williams' most recent book, "Leap" was reviewed in the New York Times Book Review last week, where it received an enthusiastic review. The reviewer called the book "a boggling mix of magic realism, religious dogma and scientific method."

The review also notes the apparent contradictions in "Leap," calling it an attempt "to construct a world in which which the art of Bosch and Damien Hirst can share harmonious common ground with [Williams'] Mormon ancestry and the natural landscape of her home state, Utah." It also says that like most provocative essays, Williams' book deals with "experiences and consequent conclusions [that] have tremendous personal meaning" and "raises more questions than it answers."

Leap, by Terry Tempest Williams.
New York Times 23Jul00 A2
By Jillian Dunham

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Conservative Idaho Mormons Take On Public TV Show on Homosexuality
BOISE, IDAHO -- The Idaho Christian Coalition, the Idaho Family Forum and state legislators, including some Mormon legislators, have teamed up to restrict public TV programing after Idaho Public Television showed the controversial documentary "It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School" last September. The policy adopted by the Idaho Board of Education as a result, which takes effect this month, is the most restrictive in the nation and is likely to be challenged in court should any shows be censored.

The controversial show was not shown by BYU-owned KBYU, but that decision caused little problem in Utah because the program was shown on KUED, which is part of the University of Utah. Idaho is also different from many states because the state legislature contributes $1.4 million of the $4.4 million budget for Idaho Public Television.

Mormon legislator Stan Hawkins, who serves in Idaho's Senate, says he thinks it is wrong for public funds to be used for the show. "I don't think our tax dollars should be used to try to normalize a position on homosexuality, and I don't think we should run a positive documentary about Joseph Smith and Mormons on public TV, either." Idaho Public Television also showed the documentary "American Prophet," which tells the life story of Joseph Smith, last fall.

Idaho's Religious Right Puts Tight Clamp On Public TV Station After Gay Show Airs
Salt Lake Tribune 18Jul00 A6
By Steve Stuebner: Special to the Tribune


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