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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended July 16, 2000
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Churchwide News

 The Invasion of the Saints
Major articles this weekend, the first in Time Magazine and three related articles in the Deseret News, look at the LDS Church's construction of a Temple in Nauvoo, Illinois, the effort going into the Temple and the effect that the building will have on the town.

  Judge Rules Against Polygamist Tom Green's Scheme to Avoid Bigamy
A judge in Nephi, Utah ruled Tuesday that admitted polygamist Tom Green must stand trial for bigamy. 4th District Judge Donald Eyre issued a written ruling calling Green's practice of divorcing each wife before taking another a "systematic scheme" and that Green could still be prosecuted for bigamy, even though he had divorced prior wives. Eyre ruled that Green still lived with his wives, in spite of the divorces.

  Missionary Dies in Ukraine Accident
LDS missionary Elder Clark Henry Pixton of Logan, Utah died Friday following injuries sustained in a July 5th fall. Elder Pixton, believed to be 20 years old, had served in the Ukraine Donetsk Mission for 17 months. The missionary failed to regain consciousness following surgery.

  Hatch listens to Metallica for Senate Hearing
Senator Orrin Hatch, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and LDS songwriter, told a Senate hearing Tuesday that he had listened to Metallica that morning, "Pretty darn good" was Hatch's reaction. He also downloaded a song by the heavy metal group Creed to demonstrate how easy it is to get music from the Internet. The Senate hearing looked at digital music copyrights, following the phenomenal growth of on-line music services like Napster and, which allow users to share music, many times in violation of copyright law, according to the Recording Industry Association.

  Missionary Work can be Tough
The trials of missionary work are portrayed in an article in today's Evansville Courier and Press. Elder J.D. Haslam and his companions struggle to get anyone to listen to them, or in some cases even reply. Haslam is one of more than 60,000 LDS missionaries serving worldwide.

Other Churchwide News

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