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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended July 9, 2000
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Churchwide News

  LDS Church Entwined In Struggle For Scouting
On April 26th the Supreme Court met to determine the constitutional rights of the Boy Scouts of America. The case on the docket was Number 99-699, the Boy Scouts of America vs. James Dale. In a courtroom filled with law students, gay activists and television crews, Supreme Court Justice David Souter argued that the Boy Scout Handbook does not spell out any policy banning gays. Yet, Boy Scout supporters base their explanation on the Scout Oath declaring that scouts should be "morally straight."

  LDS Church Supports Nebraska Anti-Gay Union Amendment
Supporters of an amendment to the Nebraska State Constitution banning same-sex marriages delivered 12 boxes of petitions, containing 155,000 to 157,000 names, to the Nebraska Secretary of State on Friday, seeking to meet the requirements to place the proposed amendment on November's ballot. If the amendment passes in November, it could make Nebraska the 34th US state to enact a same-sex marriage ban.

  Deseret News Profiles Mitt Romney
The Deseret News' Elaine Jarvik gives a long and interesting profile of Salt Lake Organizing Committee President Mitt Romney, the LDS Church member who moved to Salt Lake from Boston to save the 2002 Winter Olympics in the wake of a bribery scandal. The profile shows how Romney, perpetually aware of those around him, is able to diarm the press and lead the committee in preparing for the Olympics.

  Smith campaign ahead of schedule
LDS Sen. Gordon Smith, R- Ore., is on the campaign trail even though his next election race isn't until 2002. With the television spotlight on him as he works on sticky campaign-finance legislation, and speaks against hate-crimes, Smith has the envy of other senators... especially those who are campaigning for election this year.

  LDS Advertisements Old Example of New Trend
Maine's traditional religions are finding that preaching from the pulpit isn't enough. Churches and denominations are increasingly turning to mailings, TV and billboards to attract new members and gain name recognition that is only reserved for the famous.

  'Scrapbooking' popular among Mormons
Since 1998, scrapbooking has become a popular hobby for one in five families throughout the United States. These aren't just your old-fashioned scrapbooks on white paper, with pictures neatly pasted in. This craft fad uses multi-colored stickers, computer generated captions, stencil designs and more. Retailers have special scrapbooking aisles, companies are adding new products to what has become nearly a $300-million dollar a year industry.

Other Churchwide News

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