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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended June 11, 2000
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Local News

  Suspect in Missionary Deaths Sentenced for Gun Violations
Robert Elmer Kleasen, once convicted of murdering two LDS missionaries in 1974 and sentenced to death, was again convicted on Friday on weapons violations and sentenced to 3 years in prison. Kleasen's 1974 conviction was overturned when a search warrant was held invalid, but last year Police in England discovered his cache of illegal weapons and arrested him again.

  Hinckley Birthday Tickets Gone in One Day
Tickets to the birthday celebration for LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley's 90th birthday party, scheduled for June 23rd, were snapped up in hours yesterday. Those eager to attend the celebration began lining up at ticket booths Salt Lake, Ogden and Provo before dawn Wednesday. Reserved tickets were all distributed by 12:30 pm and a limited supply of standby tickets were gone in the early afternoon.

  Mormon Family's Custody Challenged Because of Father, Not Mother's Disability
An Ottawa Judge is expected to rule soon in the case of the newborn son of a Mormon couple taken from the couple just days after birth by the Ottawa Children's Aid Society. While the child's mother has cerebral palsy, The Children's Aid Society claims they took the child from the couple because the father's behavior places the child at risk.

  Disabled Mormon Mom Fights For Kid
A Mormon family in Canada are taking Ottawa Children's Aid to court to regain custody of their newborn son, according to reports on CTV News Monday. Children's Aid took the five-day-old child from his mother while she was still in the hospital claiming that the mother wasn't capable of caring for the child.

  11 church-member families lose their homes in the New Mexico fire
11 of the families that lost their homes in the recent fire in Los Alamos, New Mexico were members of the LDS Church, according to BYU's NewsNet service. The families were among 400 that either lost their homes or had their homes damaged due to the fire, which started as a controlled burn by the U.S. Forest Service that got out of control. Damage for the fire totals nearly $6.5 million.

  Nevada Fire Threatens Planned Girls Camp
A wildfire in Nevada has threatened the annual girls camp held by the Red Rock LDS Stake.The 160 acre fire has been burning out-of-control since Sunday, and US Forest Service employees reported that the fire was only five percent contained.

  Public gets rare chance to visit new temple
Gulfport Stake President Barry Griggs tells his neighbors in yesterday's Sun Herald that they have a rare opportunity to visit the open house for the new Baton Rouge LDS Temple starting July 1st. Griggs says that the new temple is a place where basic questions about life are answered.

  Arizona Lawmaker Vacates Seat to Lead LDS Mission
LDS state lawmaker Wayne Gardner resigned from his seat in the Arizona State House on Friday to prepare to serve as an LDS mission president in Chile. Gardner represented District 29 in the Arizona House of Representatives.

  Pious Provo monitors its movies
For more than 20 years the city of Provo has sponsored a citizen's group to monitor Hollywood movies and report on the violence gore and sex in them. The Provo Media Review Commission is made of volunteers selected from the citizens of the predominantly Mormon city by the city council.

  LDS Church Credited for High Teen Volunteer Rate In Utah
A report from the Volunteers of America indicates that teens in Utah volunteer more time than teens elsewhere in the US. Nationwide, teens volunteer 3.5 hours of service a month, while in Utah, 73% of teens volunteer at least 4.75 hours a month and 80% volunteer at least 3 hours a month.

  Group Seeks To Protect Historic Mormon Fort
Friends of Bingham's Fort, a non-incorporated association of local Ogden, Utah history buffs and residents, asked the City Council Tuesday for a six-month moratorium banning development on 40 acres of vacant land situated where the Mormon fort once stood. Seeking to gain time for historical studies and plans for preservation, the group hopes to head off encroaching development.

  Home Educators Share Ideas at Convention
More than 2,000 people participated in the 20th annual Utah Home Education Association convention at BYU over the weekend. Also at the convention were more than 80 vendors providing all kinds of educational materials. Most of the sessions were designed for LDS Church members that are home-schooling their children.

  Fourth Annual Adult Religion Conference
Southern Virginia College (SVC), will host its fourth annual Adult Religion Conference, formerly called Education Mini-week, June 22-24. The theme for the conference is "Press Forward with a Perfect Brightness of Hope."

  Third Annual Education Week Draws Several Thousand To Ricks
From growing teenagers to retired grandfathers, several thousand converged on the Ricks College campus June 1-3 for a unique educational experience during the college's third annual Education Week.  Gospel-centered learning on topics as varied as getting teenagers to work to the power of music attracted 2,700 people from throughout the western United States and Canada to the Idaho campus.  Squeezed in between the first and second summer terms, the three-day event offered 348 classes taught by 71 experts in their various fields of study.

  Business Experts to speak at annual management conference
Clayton Christensen, best-selling author of The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail, will address the Marriott School's sixth annual Management Conference June 22-24 at Brigham Young University.

  Record Number of Degrees Awarded by Ricks College
The annual summer graduation at Ricks College was held May 31 completing a record year in number of diplomas awarded by the largest private junior college in the United States. According to Ricks Registrar Kelly Hymas, 593 students applied to graduate following completion of course work during the summer. A total of 624 degrees were awarded, bringing the total to a record 3,812 degrees for the school year. The traditional summer commencement followed the first five-week summer term that ended May 30 and included students who will be completing graduation requirements during one of the three summer terms.

  First-ever display of BYU-discovered dinosaur now available
The first and only specimen in the world of a large Jurassic-era carnivorous dinosaur is now on display at the Earth Science Museum at Brigham Young University." The Torvosaurus tanneri (named for former member of the LDS Church's First Presidency N. Eldon Tanner) is a significant addition to the museum because we are the only museum to have enough bones to show a Torvosaurus," said Ken Stadtman, curator and general manager of the Earth Science Museum.

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