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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended February 20, 2000
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Churchwide News

 RLDS Church to Consider Name Change
The RLDS Church will consider changing its name at its biennial world conference in April, in order to avoid confusion with the larger LDS Church. The Church will consider legislation changing the Church's name to the Community of Christ, instead of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as it is known now.

  Religious freedom in Russia tenuous
The LDS Church's experiences with the tenuous status of religious freedom in Russia are typical, according to testimony by the U.S. Ambassador at large for religious freedom. But U.S. diplomatic efforts have helped overcome many of the hurdles.

 Congressman Seeks Resolution Against Judge for anti-Mormon and Bias Remarks
Representative John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee has introduced a resolution condemning U.S. District Judge Alan McDonald's notes written in court, which appear to disparage minority religions and races, including Mormonism. Conyers' resolution condemns McDonald for "bringing the appearance of improper racial, ethnic and religious bias upon the Federal Judiciary."

 ACLU Says LDS Church Has Right To Fight Same-Sex Marriage
The Utah ACLU's Steve Clark and BYU Law Professor Lynn Wardle spoke together at Utah Valley Community College on Wednesday, agreeing on one important point; in spite of claims to the contrary by local California politicians, the LDS Church has every right to campaign for Proposition 22, also known as the Knight Initiative. However, the two couldn't be farther apart when it comes to the proposition itself.

  Fight Over Same-Sex Marriage Turns Ugly With Sign Burning
Unknown suspects collected about 30 pro-Knight Initiative yard signs from a neighborhood in Pleasanton and burned them in the parking lot of a local LDS Church before 1:45 am Saturday. Neighbors reported the bonfire at that time. Fire and police arrived on the scene and the LDS chapel did not suffer any damage.

  Many LDS Fraternities, Sororities Will Drop Their Greek Names
The Salt Lake Tribune became the first newspaper to confirm Mormon-News' report that the LDS Church's fraternity and sorority programs will drop their greek letter names this fall. Most of the programs will then be known as the "Institute Women's Association" and "Institute Men's Association" instead of Lambda Delta Sigma and Sigma Gamma Chi.

  Internet temple pictures stopped
Deseret Book stopped sending pictures of the construction of the LDS Church's replacement of the Nauvoo Temple on Wednesday, and a terse message on their website added to confusion over the issue. The message initially read, "Feb. 16 -- Deseret Book requested to remove Nauvoo Temple cam from its site," Officials of Deseret Book didn't initially return phone calls to the Burlington Hawkeye to explain the mysterious disappearance. However,a news report on Saturday by the same author but in the Deseret News reports that the cause was merely a defective camera.

 Arizona House Honors Mormon Pioneer Hamblin
The Arizona State House of Representatives recognized the 88th anniversary of Arizona's statehood by honoring Mormon pioneer Jacob Hamblin. The unanimous resolution called Hamblin a peacemaker among the Utah and Arizona Indians.

 Europeans colonised America in 28,000 BC
A Texas researcher told the American Association for the Advancement of Science recently that a genetic analysis of native Americans shows that at least some native Americans were colonized by Europeans thousands of years ago. The genetic study found that the four major lineages in native Americans can be traced to Siberia and north-east Asia, while the fifth, which is a much more minor founding lineage, can be traced to Europe.

 LDS Materials Included in New Army 'Containerized Chapels'
The U.S. Army has produced a new "containerized chapel" including everything needed for religious ceremonies in the field: a large tent, folding chairs for pews, generator-powered heat, air conditioning and lights. It also has everything but the chaplain - including the LDS Scriptures. Prototypes of the chapel have been used in Kosovo since September.

Other Churchwide News

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