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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended February 20, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

 General News

RLDS Church to Consider Name Change
The RLDS Church will consider changing its name at its biennial world conference in April, in order to avoid confusion with the larger LDS Church. The Church will consider legislation changing the Church's name to the Community of Christ, instead of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as it is known now.


 Local News

Mormon 11-year-old Boy Shot Saturday, in Grave Condition
11-year-old Phillip Talalima is in grave condition at UCI Medical Center after he was shot in the head on Saturday night. His family is praying for his recovery while he lies in intensive care struggling to recover.



All-Arizona tackle signs with BYU
All-Arizona football player James Clement chose which college he would attend based on which school would wait for him to serve a mission. The only school willing to wait turned out to be BYU, and Clement won a scholarship to BYU and signed a letter of intent to attend last week.


LDS Realtor Finds New Way To Spend Vacations
J. McDonald Brubaker is the new head of the Utah Realtors Association and owner and president of Tate-Brubaker Corp. The association has focused this year on developing leadership skills and industry background. Two major objectives of the association are helping its members to do their work well and broadening the policy of standing for the rights of people to own, use and transfer real property. With all of the challenges of work, Brubaker has set some incredible goals for service and charitable work of his own.

 Arts & Entertainment

LDS Group From London Updates Hymns
The London-based LDS group Soul Saints will perform in Provo Saturday night, bringing its brand of "ghetto-hip-hop-R&B" music, and LDS singer/composer Michael McLean says their music "can't help but make you smile." The group sings LDS Hymns in R&B and hip-hop arrangements, "They're not taking the words or meaning out of its context," said McLean. "But because it's to different music, it has the potential to reach those who can't be reached in any other way."


LDS Group Plans Major, Innovative Kansas City Development
An LDS Church affiliated group filed a master plan with Kansas City to create the largest housing development proposed in the City in more than 50 years. The plan is also notable because it tries to replicate old-style neighborhoods - including such features as back alleys between houses, town squares, and apartments on top of shops. The development is being created just west of Liberty, Missouri in an area rich with Mormon history.


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