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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For November 2000
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Archive of Mormon News Sent by E-Mail
For month of November 2000

Mormon News: V2000 #243 (Thursday, November 2 2000)
  • MN BYU Cross Country Teams Repeat as Conference Champions: BYU Press Release 28Oct00 S3
  • MN LDS-backed Coalition Raised Most Funds for Nebraska DOMA Vote: Lincoln NE Journal Star 31Oct00 T1
  • MN Mormon Businessman in Australia Promotes Sperm Donation: Melbourne Australia The Age 1Nov00 P2
  • MN BYU-Hawaii Students Give Back to Community: BYU Hawaii Press Release 1Nov00 D3
  • MN Unwanted Apartments Going Up: LDS Canada News 28Oct00 P2
  • MN Cougars Face League-Leading Rams on ESPN: BYU Football Press Release 29Oct00 S3

Mormon News: V2000 #244 (Thursday, November 2 2000)
  • MN Mormon Women's Boston Globe Declaration Yields Debate: Salt Lake Tribune 27Oct00 T2
  • MN Utah Lawmaker Says Good LDS Church Members Can't Be Democrats: Salt Lake Tribune 27Oct00 T2
  • MN LDS Church Officials Appeal to Reid to Coach at BYU: Philadelphia PA Inquirer 1Nov00 S2
  • MN LDS Church to Lay New Nauvoo Temple Cornerstones Sunday: Deseret News 1Nov00 N1
  • MN LDS Chapel Evacuated Sunday Followed Gas Leak: Albuquerque NM Journal 31Oct00 D1
  • MN President Hinckley attends MOA gallery opening: BYU NewsNet 28Oct00 A1
  • MN Lozano and Vilms Forfeit Sunday Championship Match: BYU Men's Tennis Results 29Oct00 S2
  • MN Despite LDS Church's Call, Utah Short of Foster Parents: Salt Lake Tribune 27Oct00 T2

Mormon News: V2000 #245 (Friday, November 3 2000)
  • MN Fallen Grave Stones Rise Again: Donald L. Gibbon 30Oct00 D1
  • MN Maren Ord A Hit on the Airwaves with Debut Album; "Waiting" in Stores November 7: Excel Entertainment Press Release 2Nov00 A2
  • MN LDS Church Starts "Visitor's Center" Mission in Nauvoo: Burlington IA Hawk Eye 1Nov00 N1
  • MN Prosecutors Indict Suspect in Murder of LDS Mother: Huntsville AL Times 2Nov00 D2
  • MN Mother's Complaints Lead to Canadian Investigation of FLDS Church: Edmonton Alberta Canada Journal 2Nov00 N5
  • MN Will Reid be Issued a Mission Call . . . to BYU?: Philadelphia PA Inquirer 3Nov00 S2
  • MN LDS Bishop Excommunicated, Indicted on Sexual Abuse Charges: Salt Lake Tribune (AP) 3Nov00 D2

Mormon News: V2000 #246 (Monday, November 6 2000)
  • MN Utah NOT Lowest in CDC Smoking Survey: USA Today (AP) 3Nov00 N6
  • MN LDS Author Coke Newell at "Tea with Coke" in New York City: Kent Larsen 3Nov00 A2
  • MN Fred Adams to address BYU Women Nov. 4: BYU Press Release 31Oct00 A2
  • MN Association for Mormon Letters Writers Conference: AML Press Release 30Oct00 A2
  • MN New York Family History Seminar Combined with Concert by Pianist Grant Johannesen: Kent Larsen 3Nov00 D1
  • MN KZION Radio May Begin Independent LDS Radio: Kent Larsen 3Nov00 I2
  • MN New York Family History Seminar Combined with Concert by Pianist Grant Johannesen: Kent Larsen 3Nov00 D1
  • MN Parents Shocked at Prosecution of LDS Teen's Pranks: Sacramento CA Bee 2Nov00 D2
  • MN Child Abuser That Used LDS Church Charged in Third State: Milwaukee WI Journal Sentinel 2Nov00 D2

Mormon News: V2000 #247 (Tuesday, November 7 2000)
  • MN US News Puts LDS Church on Cover: U.S. News 6Nov00 N1
  • MN KBYU-FM to broadcast 40th anniversary celebration Nov. 9: BYU Press Release 6Nov00 D3
  • MN Mormon "Sea Trek" To Be Re-enacted: BYU NewsNet 1Nov00 N6
  • MN Despite News Reports, Reid Says Not Looking at BYU Job: Philadelphia PA Inquirer 4Nov00 S2
  • MN Jenny Oaks Baker and Jenny Naylor Richards in Concert: Jane Dumont 6Nov00 A1
  • MN Work of LDS Composer Boren and Librettist Nelson on Temple Square: Glen Nelson 6Nov00 A2
  • MN Wondrous Talent, Wondrous Debut, Wondrous Love: Deseret Book Press Release 7Nov00 A2

Mormon News: V2000 #248 (Wednesday, November 8 2000)
  • MN Missionaries In Japan Practice "Road Preaching": U.S. News & World Report 13Nov00 N1
  • MN LDS Prayer Causes Controversy In Burbank, California: Los Angeles Times 2Nov00 T4
  • MN Pochman Named To Lou Groza Award Top-20 List: BYU Press Release 6Nov00 S2
  • MN Court Filings In; Main Street Trial Set For February: Salt Lake Tribune 4Nov00 N1
  • MN Students Ejected From School For Reading Book of Mormon: Salt Lake Tribune 4Nov00 D1
  • MN New Mormon Congressional Delegation Smaller, More Democratic: Kent Larsen 8Nov00 T2
  • MN LDS-Supported DOMA Questions Win, Other Issues Fail: Kent Larsen 8Nov00 T2
  • MN LDS Stake Assists Mugging Victim: San Jose CA Mercury News 7Nov00 D1

Mormon News: V2000 #249 (Friday, November 10 2000)
  • MN Noteworthy Suggestions for a Musical Christmas Featuring the Mormon Choir of Washington D.C.: Jane Dumont 8Nov00 A1
  • MN LDS Stake To Host 'Messiah' Sing-In: Los Angeles Times pgB2 4Nov00 A1
  • MN Garth A. Hanson new associate director of Jerusalem Center: BYU Press Release 4Nov00 D3
  • MN A Light Of Nations: Culture Night 2000 Showcases Diversity Through Entertainment: BYU Hawaii Press Release 9Nov00 D3
  • MN Resolution of Book of Mormon Expulsion Delayed As Lawyers Get Involved: Salt Lake Tribune 9Nov00 D1
  • MN BYU students memorialize alumni war dead with public web site: BYU Press Release 8Nov00 D3
  • MN New Collection of Eliza R. Snow's "Greatest Hymns": Deseret News 4Nov00 A2

Mormon News: V2000 #250 (Monday, November 13 2000)
  • MN Trust Buys Historic Mormon Town to Protect It From Development: Grand Canyon Trust Press Release 9Nov00 D6
  • MN New Website Eases Letters To Missionaries: Excite News 6Nov00 I4
  • MN Historic Mormon "Honeymoon" Trail Part Of New National Monument: USNewswire 9Nov00 D6
  • MN Former Missionary Hits Comedy Network: Edmonton Alberta Canada Sun 10Nov00 P2
  • MN Truman G. Madsen at BYU devotional Nov. 21: BYU Press Release 9Nov00 D3
  • MN The Power of Change: Laie Hawaii Temple President Speaks At BYU-H Devotional: BYU-Hawaii Press Release 9Nov00 D
  • MN BYU Jerusalem Students Will Return Early Because of Unrest: BYU NewsNet 9Nov00 D3
  • MN Ohio Teen That Drugged Missionaries Gets 30 Days: Akron OH Beacon-Journal (AP) 10Nov00 D2
  • MN Mountain Meadows Massacre Documentary Featured At Film Festival: Salt Lake Tribune 11Nov00 A4

Mormon News: V2000 #251 (Tuesday, November 14 2000)
  • MN Hinckley Warns Youth Against Tattoos, Body-Piercing: Salt Lake Tribune 13Nov00 N1
  • MN Mormon Candidate In Nevada Helped By DOMA Turnout: Las Vegas NV Review-Journal 10Nov00 T2
  • MN LDS Golfer Weir Closes Year With $1,000,000 Win: CNNSI 12Nov00 S2
  • MN BYU Cross Country Teams Repeat as Conference Champions: BYU Cross Country Results 28Oct00 S3
  • MN "The Case for Marriage" author to speak at BYU Nov. 14: BYU Press Release 11Nov00 D3
  • MN MSI Gives Back Previous Week's Gains On Dell's Drop: Kent Larsen 13Nov00 B4
  • MN Study Says BYU Largest In Study Abroad: USA Today pg7D 13Nov00 D3
  • MN Moving Beyond Politics And Music, Hatch To Appear In Movie: U.S. News & World Report 20Nov00 T2
  • MN How Great An Athlete Was Steve Young?: Sydney Australia Morning Herald 10Nov00 S2

Mormon News: V2000 #252 (Tuesday, November 14 2000)
  • MN "Mr. Mac" New Head Of MoTab: Deseret News 13Nov00 P2
  • MN BYU Women Advance To 3rd Round Of 2000 NCAA Women's Soccer Champs, Host Santa Clara At South Field: BYU Women's Soccer Press Release 14Nov00 S3
  • MN Mormon Books On National Bestseller Lists: Kent Larsen 14Nov00 A4
  • MN Harold B. Lee Library to be dedicated Nov. 15: BYU Press Release 14Nov00 D3
  • MN Three Brothers All on the Same Team: LDS Canada News 11Nov00 S2

Mormon News: V2000 #253 (Friday, November 17 2000)
  • MN Card's "Sarah" Comes From Love of Subject, Not Money: Salt Lake Tribune 12Nov00 A2
  • MN LDS Church Cancels Temple Square Lighting Ceremony: Salt Lake Tribune 15Nov00 N1
  • MN Will Huber Remain Richest Mormon?: Washington Post 12Nov00 pgE02 B2
  • MN LDS Church Wins Zoning Approval For Louisiana Bishop's Storehouse: New Orleans LA Times-Picayune 10Nov00 D1
  • MN Genes and genealogy: DNA Analyst to include BYU-H in molecular genealogy research: BYU-Hawaii Press Release 14Nov00 D3
  • MN San Jose Mugging Victim Gets Donated Van: San Gabriel CA Valley Tribune 12Nov00 D1
  • MN BYU Reaches 20 Wins With 3-0 Victory Over New Mexico: BYU Women's Volleyball Results 10Nov00 S3
  • MN Former Partners Tried To Involve Local LDS Leaders In Dispute: Las Vegas NV Sun 15Nov00 D2

Mormon News: V2000 #254 (Saturday, November 18 2000)
  • MN LDS Businessman Willes Sells California Home In Record Deal: San Francisco Chronicle (Los Angeles Times) 15Nov00 B2
  • MN J. Scott Miller new associate dean of Honors, General Education: BYU Press Release 16Nov00 D3
  • MN LDS Church One Of Religions Attacked By Russian Education Ministry: Kent Larsen 17Nov00 T1
  • MN LDS Church President, BYU to Honor LaVell Edwards in Final Home Game: BYU Press Release 15Nov00 S2
  • MN Retiring LDS Congressman Honored By American Cancer Society: Kent Larsen 16Nov00 T2
  • MN Dispute Over Whether Mormons Are Christian Hits Internet Directories: Kent Larsen 17Nov00 I1
  • MN Speculation On Edwards Successor Shifts From Reid To Crowton: Chicago IL Daily Southtown 16Nov00 S2
  • MN LDS Democrats Gain Power In Closely Split Congress: Miami Herald (New York Times) 15Nov00 T2

Mormon News: V2000 #255 (Monday, November 20 2000)
  • MN BYU Honors Edwards With Stadium Name: (Long Island) NY Newsday (AP) 19Nov00 S2
  • MN Mormon Kent Named Baseball MVP: Portland OR Oregonian (AP) 18Nov00 S2
  • MN MoTab To Tour Southern US: LDS Church Press Release 18Nov00 A1
  • MN Sons Of American Revolution Give Hinckley Award: Deseret News 18Nov00 N2
  • MN Lyman Wight's Texas Colony Remembered: Dallas Morning News 19Nov00 N6
  • MN Rock Legends to Hold Internet Chat: LDS Canada News 18Nov00 A2
  • MN LDS Veteran Remembers Bataan Death March: Deseret News 11Nov00 P2
  • MN J. Matthew Shumway chair of BYU Geography Department: BYU Press Release 16Nov00 D3
  • MN The Hand of Providence: Deseret Book Press Release 18Nov00 A2

Mormon News: V2000 #256 (Tuesday, November 21 2000)
  • MN Salon Looks At Religion, Mormon Missionaries: Salon 20Nov00 N1
  • MN Teen Sentenced In Tragic Taber, Alberta High School Shootings: Canada News (CP) 18Nov00 D2
  • MN LDS Scouts in San Francisco Bay Area Food Drive: Tri-Valley CA Herald 16Nov00 D1
  • MN Book About "Real World" Hits Bestseller Lists: Kent Larsen 21Nov00 A4
  • MN Four MSI Stocks Off More than 25%: Kent Larsen 21Nov00 B4
  • MN Canadian Called as Visitor Centre Director: LDS Canada News 18Nov00 P2

Mormon News: V2000 #257 (Wednesday, November 22 2000)
  • MN BYU university professorships named for prominent founders: BYU Press Release 21Nov00 D3
  • MN Fishers of Men: Deseret Book Press Release 21Nov00 A2
  • MN SEC Says Scam Artists Target Mormons: MSNBC (AP) 20Nov00 B4
  • MN While Republican Are Weaker, Hatch May Have Larger Role: Newsweek (MSNBC) 27Nov00 T2
  • MN Mormon Website Criticized For Copyright Violations: Kent Larsen 22Nov00 I4

Mormon News: V2000 #258 (Friday, November 24 2000)
  • MN Judy Paroled; No Longer A Threat To LDS Leaders: Deseret News 22Nov00 D2
  • MN "Mad Dog" Madsen's Wardrobe Gets Shaq Attack: St Paul MN Pioneer 19Nov00 S2
  • MN Cross Country Dynasty Keeps Growing: Inside Ricks 21Nov00 S3
  • MN Lex De Azevedo's Gloria Makes West Coast Debut In A Benefit Performance: Deseret Book Press Release 22Nov00 A2
  • MN RM Lewis May Be Headed To NFL's Pro Bowl: Philadelphia PA Inquirer 18Nov00 S2
  • MN LDS Writer Gives Thanksgiving Thoughts In LA Times: Los Angeles Times 18Nov00 D1
  • MN Green Trial Leads To Review Of Polygamy Prosecution: (Phoenix) AZ Republic (AP) 24Nov00 N5
  • MN LDS Families Adopt Teens, Give Thanks: Denver CO Post 24Nov00 P2
  • MN Pres. Hinckley Given Another Award: Salt Lake Tribune 22Nov00 N2

Mormon News: V2000 #259 (Friday, November 24 2000)
  • MN LDS Senator Harry Reid Advocates High-Speed Trains: Seattle WA Times (Chicago Tribune) 19Nov00 T2
  • MN Uruguay Temple Dedication Postponed, Two Brazil Temple Dedications Set For December: Deseret News 24Nov00 N1
  • MN Picking-up Popcorn Paves The Way For LDS Mission: San Francisco Chronicle 24Nov00 P2
  • MN Strengthening Our Families: An In-Depth Look at the Proclamation on the Family: Deseret Book Press Release 22Nov00 S3
  • MN Mormon Investment Guru Wins Appeal: Seattle WA Times 17Nov00 B2
  • MN The Holy War -- a historical look at the 76th Meeting between Utah and BYU: BYU Football Press Release 22Nov00 S3

Sent November 27, 2000
Mormon News: V2000 #260 (Monday, November 27 2000)

Sent November 28, 2000
Mormon News: V2000 #261 (Tuesday, November 28 2000)

Sent November 29, 2000
Mormon News: V2000 #262 (Thursday, November 30 2000)

Mormon News: V2000 #263 (Thursday, November 30 2000)

Sent November 30, 2000
Mormon News: V2000 #263 (Thursday, November 30 2000)


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