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For week ended October 3, 1999 Posted 17 Oct 1999
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Newsflash: Missionaries in Japan safe but confined to house (Accident 'a crisis waiting to occur')

In the wake of the worst nuclear accident since the Chernobyl disaster 13 years ago, residents of the area near a Japanese uranium processing plant in Tokaimura, Japan are emerging from their homes and radiation levels are returning to normal. During the accident, radiation levels had reached 4,000 times normal. Preliminary examination of the facts surrounding the accident suggests that the cause was failure to observe written protocols for handling radioactive material.
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Man used LDS Church to choose abuse victims (Man suspected of molesting boy)

Police in Edmonds Washington arrested a 55-year- old appliance repairman Thursday for allegedly molesting an LDS boy he met through the Church. The crime, which occurred during a three year period,came to light when the boy disclosed the abuse to a counselor. Police are worried that the man may have, through the Church, met and abused other children also .

Unfortunately, P

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Former Apostles' Home now serves other purpose (Campaign aims to fix up old home)

The home that was built by LDS Church apostle John W. Taylor near the end of the last century is now serving as a boarding house for society's fringe - 20 or so formerly homeless veterans, recently released prisoners, guys with mental illnesses.

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LDS Church gets increased tithing this time of year in Alaska (Churches, charities count on dividends)

This month is a happy time in Alaska, as citizens of the state get their distributions from the Alaska Permanent Fund. The fund represents dividends from oil exploration and recovery operations in the state.

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Deseret Book and Michael McLean create service 'under cover'

Deseret Book and award-winning composer and songwriter Michael McLean, jointly sponsored a blanket drive, called "Service under Cover," on Saturday, Oct. 2, at all Deseret Book locations in Utah. Funds will go to support of the Traveler's Aid Society of Utah, which opened its new winter overflow shelter for the homless that same weekend.

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New grass-roots group gets support from Mormons (Rural group gains clout in Utah)

Bro. Lloyd Mecham a lifelong church member, church leader and retired principal, is leading the charge of a group of activists affiliated with, People for the USA, a growing grassroots organization based in Pueblo, Colorado. PFUSA is exerting notable political pressure in the Beehive State on public lands issues. Now there are 2,000 members in Utah. Chapters have sprouted in Kanab, Boulder, Escalante, Tropic, Panguitch, Cedar City, St. George/Hurricane, Mt. Pleasant, Antimony, Salt Lake City, Vernal, Duchesne, Nephi and Roosevelt. This has been a big summer for PFUSA.

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Windows shot out at 7 businesses

Police in Spokane, Washington are looking for information about a shooting spree which resulted in windows being shot out at seven businesses and buildings in the city's South Hill neighborhood during this past weekend.

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Europeans enhanced Jerusalem Center experience

The 1999 BYU Jerusalem Summer II program welcomed European students for the first time integrating them with a group of American BYU students and non-BYU students. R.J. Snow, director of the Jerusalem Center said, "They were well prepared, worked hard, and their presence made our program better for everyone."

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More Ire over Church and State (Jones, Bradley Wrangle Over Olympic Tax)

Browsers visiting the web page of the Utah State Insurance Department have found an "inappropriate" photograph on one of the department's pages. The photo in question is on the Industry Services' web page, along with information on legislation, compliance and enforcement.

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