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For week ended October 03, 1999 Posted 17 Oct 1999

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Deseret Book and Michael McLean create service 'under cover'

Summarized by Eric Bunker

Deseret Book and Michael McLean create service 'under cover'
Utah co UT Journal 30Sep99 D3
Deseret Book and Michael McLean create service 'under cover'

Deseret Book and award-winning composer and songwriter Michael McLean, jointly sponsored a blanket drive, called "Service under Cover," on Saturday, Oct. 2, at all Deseret Book locations in Utah. Funds will go to support of the Traveler's Aid Society of Utah, which opened its new winter overflow shelter for the homless that same weekend.

The title "Service under Cover," was inspired by the title track of McLean's just-released album, Safe Harbors. "My brother-in-law played a significant role in setting up the camps for refugees driven from Kosovo," McLean says. "His stories affected me deeply. And then a crisis arose that shifted my attention to some difficulties right in my own neighborhood. The problems here at home were just as heartbreaking as anything my brother-in-law had talked about. From that realization came the song 'Safe Harbors.' Every time I hear that song, I am reminded that all around us are refugees of one kind or another who need help, who need protection."

McLean continued, "Since that song was written, I've been trying to find effective ways to actually do what the song invites us all to do: 'Reach out and hold the evacuees from the dark. The 'Service under Cover' blanket drive provides a great opportunity for our community to offer a bit of help and comfort at home. Our community is so generous in making charitable contributions to other parts of the world, we hope they'll embrace this chance to give locally with us."

Deseret Book said that customers who donated a blanket received a free Rhodes Bake-N-Serve cookbook (while supplies lasted). Additionally, Deseret Book contributed $2 for each Safe Harbors CD and $1 for each Safe Harbors cassette sold that weekend.

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