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Posted 27 Apr 2002   For week ended February 8, 2002
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Arts & Entertainment News

2002 Not the First Time Mormons Have Played Host to An International Race for Gold
A new documentary film by History Channel veteran Scott Tiffany reveals the historic saga of an overlooked sea trek. Forgotten Voyage relates the exodus of a clan of Mormon families who fled persecution in 1846 on an unprecedented sea journey-six months crammed into a ship with just two square feet of space per person. Aboard the ship Brooklyn, they became the first civilian families to sail the nearly 20,000-mile journey from New York to California, rounding the treacherous tip of South America at Cape Horn. These Mormons survived horrific storms, buried loved ones at sea, and-accidentally-settled San Francisco for America.

Film: 'The Singles Ward' Debuts
The big news this week in LDS film was the premiere of Kurt Hale's new comedy "The Singles Ward." The gala benefit premiere was on Wednesday, January 30th, after which the film opened in eleven theaters on February 1st. The budget has been reported as $425,000 or $450,000. Either way, it made over 10% of its budget back in box office ticket sales in its opening weekend, with a 3-day total of $46,649. This gave "The Singles Ward" a per-theater average of $4,241, which was enough to put it on the Top 10 list nationwide for per-theater revenue. (It was number 10.)

LDS Film Festival on Tour
Now that the First LDS Film Festival has successfully been launched at the end of last year it will go on a national and international tour with screenings in Chicago and California, as well as in Utah. And with a tour that will continue until September 2002, other national and international venues are being planned.

Activists Call for End to Human Rights Abuses by Polygamists in the U.S.
Activists are demanding that the United States put a stop to the serious human rights abuses against women and children that are being carried out in the name of religious freedom by polygamists in Utah, site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, and neighboring states. They say that women and girls in polygamous communities are subjected to a pattern of abuses that violate not only U.S. law, but also U.S. obligations under international law. Federal and state governments have not adequately enforced the law, advocates charge, allowing abuses such as incest, violence, child marriage, trafficking in girls, coerced marriage of adult women, sexual abuse, and the denial of education and access to information to go unpunished.

Utah's New Boy Band Jericho Road Receives National Attention
The phenomenal new group Jericho Road is airing on radio stations across the country from New York to Utah and from Minnesota to Louisiana. Abe Mills, Bret Bryce, Dave Kimball, and Justin Smith have burst into the music world as a hot new boy band produced in Utah.

Hilary Weeks Special Broadcast Announced
Hilary Weeks new CD, "I Will Not Forget" is scheduled for broadcast on KZION Tuesday, February 5th and again on Thursday February 7th. Those who wish to hear the broadcast can connect to KZION at .

LDS Church Museum Features Mormon Sports
During the current Olympic Games the LDS Church's Museum of Church History and Art is presenting an exhibit on the memorabilia of Mormon athletes.

LDS Sculptor Used Gospel to Reclaim Life
Utah sculptor Stan Watts says he has "seen both sides." Watts was mired in habits that had taken control of his life as recently as four years ago when he decided to turn to God for help.

Playwright Tim Slover at BYU Women meeting Feb. 9
BYU Women will hold its monthly meeting Saturday (Feb. 9) at 2 p.m. in room 2260 of the Brigham Young University Conference Center on University Parkway in Provo.

KBYU to Air 'Time Out for Utah' During the Winter Olympics
From Feb. 7 to Feb. 24, KBYU Television will air a series of five-minute updates, hosted by Donny and Marie Osmond and highlighting a variety of Utah's community events, concerts, exhibitions, and tourist attractions.


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