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Posted 09 Apr 2002   For week ended February 01, 2002
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church
Sent on Mormon-News: 29Jan02
By Kent Larsen
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Internet: Art and Writing Websites, Mormon Internet Index Planned

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- A number of websites that have come to our attention recently are meant for LDS authors and actors, both as aids to authors and as promotional information for the general public about their books and activities. But to round out our coverage of the Internet and new websites, Mormon News will enhance our listings, starting this week, by giving information about the number of websites and Mormon domains on the Internet.

The oldest of the sites that help LDS writers that we list this week is the American Night Writers Association (ANWA) a 15-year-old support organization for LDS women interested in writing. But also available is and Latter-day Writers, although the latter seems to be more a personal writing site, rather than a site for writers.

Other sites promote books written by or for LDS Church members, including the nice-looking Amberlin website, for a nascent publisher of what appears to be science fiction and fantasy by LDS writers. But the nicest of the sites this week is the Handcart Ensemble, the website of a New York City theater group.

Starting this week, Mormon News is expanding this weekly listing to include some basic information about the Mormon portion of the Internet, including estimates of the number of domain names and web pages available. Next week we will begin giving a weekly 'index' -- a number that represents the overall change in the size of the Mormon presence on the Internet. While exactly what that number will include isn't yet set (and is bound to change over time) for now it should reflect at least the overall size of the Mormon domains and web pages, which we give below.

Mormon Internet Information:

  • Mormon-related domain names: at least 3,000
  • Estimated web pages mentioning Mormonism: over 500,000

Mormon News plans to start an index next week

Newly Listed Mormon Websites:
Handcart Ensemble

Website for New York City-based theater group made up primarily of LDS Church members. Website includes information about the group, its mission and past, current and planned performances.

American Night Writers Association (ANWA)

Network website for LDS women interested in writing. Founded in October 1986, the group seeks to encourage, assist, and motivate members to write, and if they desire, to publish their work. Website includes information on the group's leadership, its members, newsletter, events and information on how to join the group.

Clan of Cain

Site for Book "Clan of Cain" by LDS author Shane Lester. Lester believes that the legendary Bigfoot is in fact Cain, described in the book of Genesis and in LDS scriptures and an experience of early LDS Church member David Patten. The site also serves as a central source for information about Bigfoot.

Latter-Day Writers

David W. Olsen's LDS stories and writings.


A community of LDS Writers on the Web. Includes inspirational stories, a database of LDS authors, essays, poems and short stories and information on how to submit work to publishers.


Home page of a new small LDS publisher, with information about the books it has published and has in process and their authors. Includes sample chapters, a 'reader alert' email list, the company submission policy and online resources for writers.


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