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Posted 09 Apr 2002   For week ended January 25, 2002
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Confession to LDS Branch President Leads to Abuser Conviction
The Branch President of the Madison Lake Ohio Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who heard the confession of a child molester, started a process that led to the conviction of the abuser just over a week ago. The case demonstrates the difficult position that clergy are sometimes in when they hear such confessions, and given other public cases and lawsuits against many churches, it is clear that the outcome of these cases doesn't always leave churches and clergy free of liability.

LDS Woman's Death from Hospital Error Leads to Lawsuit
Medical errors at Saint Raphael Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut are responsible for the deaths of Doris "Dot" Herdman, 72, of Southington and Joan Cannon, 68, of Wallingford. The hospital staff disclosed that the two women died when they were mistakenly given nitrous oxide instead of oxygen during routine heart procedures. Officials began the investigation after Cannon, who was younger, died in the same operating room as Herdman after receiving the same procedure. The families of both women are struggling to cope with the grief and anger caused by the manner of the deaths.

Richmond LDS Woman's Trials Take Great Sacrifice But Earn Great Rewards
An LDS woman has found that taking care of her grandchildren after her daughter abandoned them takes both great sacrifice and yields great rewards. Sandra (not her real name) leaped into parenting again when her daughter left, both working and running the household, until heart problems caused by stress forced her to stop working. Now she has a job at less than half her previous salary and gets a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families grant to make up a small part of the difference. LDS missionaries help out by doing yard chores and providing assistance. But she says that the grandchildren make the sacrifices worth it, "Yes, I had a choice about raising these grandchildren. But let's be real: They make it worthwhile. They know they're safe and loved and say so."

Hickman, California Bishop Will Translate at Winter Olympics
Brent Stout of Hickman, California volunteered to help at the 2002 Winter Olympics, and as an expert skier and Spanish-speaker won a choice spot on the edge of the course for the men's downhill and men's super giant slalom (super-G) at Utah's Snowbasin resort. His spot will be about 20 seconds from the finish line. Stout is a 45-year-old almond farmer and is president of the local school board.

Returned Missionaries from Finland to Sing Welcome to Finnish President
A group of about 70 returned LDS missionaries who served in Finland will sing the hymn "Finlandia" as part of a dinner to welcome President Tarja Halonen and other important delegates of the Scandinavian country and athletes competing from Finland. The dinner was organized by Jussi Kemptainen, former BYU faculty member and president of the Finnish Olympic Committee.


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