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Posted 09 Apr 2002   For week ended January 25, 2002
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Arts & Entertainment News

LDS Seminary Declines to Participate in Neighborhood Art
The art project of a Salt Lake City sculptor has become quite popular among his neighbors, but apparently not at a neighboring LDS Seminary building. Sculptor Dave Malone, who creates sculptures from "found" metal, has created a "random act of sculpture," a series of half circles cut from a huge, 3-foot-wide metal spool. The circles stretch from his yard, snaking through the neighborhood in what has become a group project as nearly everyone has asked to participate. "It's kind of a coming together of the neighborhood," he says. "They like the idea of being involved in something big."

LDS Author Publishes Nationally with Mormon Character
LDS author Dean Hughes has managed to accomplish something unusual -- publish a book with a national character that includes a faithful LDS Church member as a main character and make religion part of the book. Hughes says his latest book, "Soldier Boys," a World War II novel from national publisher Atheneum, is the first he's published with a national publisher that features a Mormon character and talks about his religion. Hughes says "I think part of what is changing is the realization that certain books about or by Mormons have done very well financially," Hughes said. "The best example is President Hinckley's Standing for Something."

Pop Stars "Blown Away" by MoTab
Don Mischer, the Emmy award-winning producer hired to stage the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games says that several of the mainstream popular music artists that have signed on for the opening ceremonies have already held rehearsals with the 320-voice Mormon Tabernacle Choir and were "completely blown away" by them. The groups that have signed on to perform during the opening ceremonies include Sting, Dixie Chicks, LeAnn Rimes, the Band's Robbie Robertson, and famed chellist Yo-Yo Ma. Numerous reports in the media have reported on the mix of opening acts, and hinted that the choir will back up Sting and others.

Weyland's Career Reviewed in Mahonri
With a movie based on his book "Charly" scheduled to be released this Spring, Anne Bradshaw, writing in the online magazine Mahonri, tells how LDS writer Jack Weyland got into the craft and managed to make a second career of it. Weyland tells Bradshaw how a University creative writing teacher discouraged him and how rejections almost made him give up writing, as well as how his calling as an LDS Bishop led him to write more.

Ocean's Eleven Reaches Record for Film with LDS Characters
After 45 days in release "Ocean's Eleven" raked in another $5.7 million this weekend, bringing its total U.S. gross to $171.6 million. It was still in 6th place nationwide, down from 4th place last week.

Clive Romney Directed Group Invited to Represent USA at World's Most Popular Sporting Event
The Clog America International Festival Ensemble has received an invitation to represent the USA in the International Arts Celebration associated with the 2002 World Cup Soccer Championships to be held in Korea and Japan this summer. The honor is significant, as the World Cup is one of the most widely watched sporting events in the world. Held every four years, the soccer championship is regarded around the world as the pinnacle of international sports.

'To My Little Sweetheart:' Valentine Cards from the Students and Friends of Hannah Mathews Thatcher -- Shown at USU
Special Collections and Archives at Utah State University contains a treasure trove of historical documents, photographs and journals. Included in the vast assortment of materials are several surprises, and Noel A. Carmack, preservation curator, has decided to share something that goes straight to the heart -- valentines.

Mormon Author to be Part of Unveiling of National African American History Museum
Darius Gray of Midvale, Utah, co-author with Margaret Blair Young of "Standing on the Promises: One More River to Cross" and "Bound for Canaan" a series of books dedicated to sharing the seldom told story of African-American pioneers in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been invited to be a representative of Utah and his church at the unveiling of the Collection of the new National Museum of African History and Culture (NMAAHC).

Jericho Road Special Broadcast Announced
Abe Mills, Bret Bryce, Dave Kimball, and Justin Smith--has burst into the music world as a new boy band with a twist, the twist being a Christian message mixed in with teen idol good looks, great smiles, and smooth vocal harmonies.

New Book Helps with Primary Talks
Have you ever heard this terrifying sentence on a Sunday morning? "I just remembered I have to give a talk in Primary today." Such a phrase can suddenly create considerable tension on what should be a peaceful Sabbath day. But the solution has arrived!

Comedy by Ricks alumni opens on campus
"Together Again for the First Time: A Family in Two Acts" opened Wednesday evening. The play will be performed in the Kirkham Arena Theater Jan. 23-26 and Jan. 29-31 and Feb. 1-2 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets may be purchased for $6 for the public by calling the Ticket Office at (208) 496-2230.

Intimacy and Spirituality Lost
In times of stress like economic hardship, world tragedy, and raising children in the world today, the first things to go in a marriage are intimacy and spirituality. Purity and Passion: Spiritual Truths about Intimacy That Will Strengthen Your Marriage (Bookcraft, $17.95) shows couples how to hold on to these ideas and strengthen them simultaneously.


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