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Posted 21 Dec 2001   For week ended December 21, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 19Dec01
By Kent Larsen
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Quick Thinking Missionares Save Stabbed Teen

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA -- A pair of LDS missionaries were praised Monday after they saved the life of a teen who had been stabbed. The missionaries were shocked to witness the stabbing Sunday night, but quickly helped the injured teen to safety.

A local news report identifies only one of the missionaries, Elder Minson, who told a reporter about the incident. Elder Minson says he and his companion witnessed a dispute between the victim and two other teens, "We were just walking down the street and saw one guy hit another one, and that guy hit the ground. We ran over and just started talking to them, trying to get them to calm down."

But in spite of their efforts to calm the dispute, a fistfight started, and one of the teens then stabbed the victim right before the missionaries. He then threatened the Elders, "The one guy started going after us, showing us his knife and saying it was our fault he got sucker punched," Minson said. "I was scared we were going to get stabbed." But the attacker then ran off.

Elder Minson says the teen was in bad shape, "He was bleeding from his mouth. I told him to lift up his shirt so I could see how bad he was hurt -- when he did, blood squirted everywhere," he said. "He was in shock. He was just so out of it."

Now local police are thanking the missionaries for getting involved, "They helped as best they could," said Det. Ralph Dunn. "They could have walked away as most people do these days." Police are still seeking both the attacker and the other teen present at the attack.


Cops laud Mormons' bravery
Calgary Alberta Canada Sun 18Dec01 N2
By Michelle Mark: Calgary Sun


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