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Posted 15 Oct 2001   For week ended September 28, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

General News
Pres. Hinckley, National Religious Leaders Meet Bush
President Gordon B. Hinckley, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, attended an hour long prayer meeting Thursday evening in Washington, D.C., along with 27 other religious leaders at the White House, to give his blessing and support to President Bush prior to Bush's address to the nation. According to a report from President Hinckley's office Bush told the group, "I have never felt stronger, and that strength comes from God."
Angels Moroni Placed on Three Temples
A statue of the Angel Moroni was hoisted above the Nauvoo Temple and two other temples last Friday. It was the 178th anniversary of the day LDS scriptures say the angel first appeared to church founder, the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr.
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Local News
LDS Group Protests Porno Store
An LDS group renewed its protests over an adult video store Tuesday night in an effort to get the store shut down. About 80 people showed up to the protest, including many youths and teenagers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, waving signs, flagging down cars and chanting "Don't go in, it's a sin."
New York Humanitarian Fair Looks at Service Opportunities
The New York Metro LDS Professional Association held its New York Humanitarian Fair 2001 in the New York Stake Center on Saturday, educating about 100 attendees on service opportunities, both through the many Mormon-related charities and through several New York-area organizations. The half-day conference featured workshops from five different organizations, including one session that covered the work of many other Mormon groups, and a keynote address by Chieko N. Okazaki, former member of the Relief Society General Presidency.
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BYU's Doman Called Heisman Contender has listed BYU quarterback Brandon Doman as one of the top ten contenders for college football's highest honor, the Heisman trophy. Taking advantage of the attention, the University has started promoting his contention, calling him "The Domanator" and producing a new poster featuring Doman.
Rulon Gardner: One Year after the Gold
There are a few nicks now in the Olympic gold medal and it shows other slight signs of wear from being touched, handled, and even accidentally dropped as hundreds of fans have sought to have some personal contact with the symbol of victory, and its owner Rulon Gardner.
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Young Named Chair of US Religious Freedom Commission
Michael K. Young, Dean of George Washington University Law School and former president of the LDS Church's New York NY Stake has been elected chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, the commission announced Monday. Young, who has been a member of the commission since its 1999 inception, is an expert on Japanese law as well as on religious freedom.
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SouthernSaints Discussion List Created is pleased to announce the creation of SouthernSaints, an email discussion list for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who live in, or have a special interest in, the Southern United States. SouthernSaints is to provide a forum for discussion of doctrine, culture, daily life, and about the unique experiences of living as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ in the South.
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New York Times Remembers Only New York LDS Victim
While as many as 17 possible LDS victims have been identified in the attacks on the World Trade Center, little is known about some of the victims. However, the New York Times gave further information on Ivhan Carpio recently in its continuing profiles of the more than 5,000 New York victims. Carpio was identified as the only LDS resident of the New York area who was killed in the attack.
LDS High School Senior's Lifestyle Leads Trend
The example of Lindsey Searle, a senior at Ponderosa High School in Parker Colorado and a member of the Parker Colorado Stake, was presented in The Denver Post as representing a trend toward less risky behavior by today's teens.
A Mongolian Teen's View of America
He only has one name, comes from a country half-way around the world, and is getting educational opportunities that his friends back home don't get. 15-year-old Munkhbaatar (prounounced MUNK-ba-tar) is from Mongolia, and is attending high school in Albuquerque thanks to LDS Church members John and Carolyn Bennett.
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Arts & Entertainment
LDS Stress Expert's E-Book Free After Terrorist Attacks
Stress management expert Dr. Glenn R. Schiraldi's book, "The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook: A Guide to Healing, Recovery and Growth," will be available free on the Internet starting tomorrow, courtesy of the book's publisher, McGraw-Hill. Schiraldi, an LDS Church member and faculty member at the University of Maryland, College Park, is the author of several books on mental and physical health. The 441-page book is available in several e-book formats, including Adobe Acrobat and Peanut Press, from, McGraw-Hill, Contentville and Adobe's eBookstore.
Utah Shakespearean Festival Box Office Declines; But Wins Expansion
In the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Utah Shakespearean Festival has seen a 25-30 percent drop in ticket sales for its Fall season. But, in spite of the drop, the Festival, founded and run by LDS Church member Fred Adams, won an important ruling Wednesday that will allow it to proceed with a planed expansion.
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Deseret News Accused of Forum Shopping in Tribune Lawsuit
One day after the Utah Supreme Court ruled that a Deseret News lawsuit against the Salt Lake Tribune Publishing Company must be heard in Salt Lake County, the News asked a Davis County Judged to dismiss the case, saying that the News would now file its claim in U.S. Federal Court. The move led the Tribune Publishing Company, which has a contract to manage the newspaper, to accuse the News of 'forum shopping' in its effort to move to morning publication and establish its right to veto any sale of the Tribune.
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