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Posted 29 Sep 2001   For week ended September 28, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 24Sep01

By Kent Larsen

MSI: NEW LOW: MSI Drops Over 17% After Terrorist Attacks

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Along with the broader stock indices, the Mormon Stock Index dropped quickly in the week following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Most indices were down at least 10%; the Dow Jones Industrials were off more than 14% and the NASDAQ fell 16%, but the MSI dropped slightly further, by 17.4%. The drop leaves the MSI at its lowest point ever.

The MSI was started in June 2000, with its initial value set at 100 on January 1, 2000; based on the value of a basket of companies with Mormon executives as of that date. Since that time, the index has always remained above 100, reaching a high above 120, although it the last year it has slowly slipped, following the overall decline in stocks.

This past week the index was hit hard by several stocks. Airline SkyWest saw its stock price fall by nearly two-thirds, froma close of $31.65 the day before the terrorist attack to a close of just $11.25 Friday. Most airlines were also down sharply, but SkyWest was heavily hit because it is a regional airline, used by the major airlines to reach smaller cities. SkyWest claimed last week that it won't have trouble meeting its costs, will not layoff staff and isn't cutting its routes, unlike most of the major,national airlines.

Also hard hit was Host Marriott, the hotel property-owner. Unlike Marriott International, which runs its hotels under contract with the hotel's owners, Host Marriott not only saw the destruction of its hotel at the World Trade Center and shuttering of another hotel two blocks south of the center, but it also bears much of the risk of a decline in visitors to the hotels.

In addition, Cadence Design, Cygnus, Inc., Dell Computer, Marriott International, Micrel Semiconductor, Myriad Genetics, Novell, and Oakley were all down more than 20%. Six of the 35 stocks on the MSI were up for the week, led by Hollywood Entertainment and Monaco Coach, both of which were up more than 13.5%.

Mormon Stock Index 87.10down 18.30
CompanySymbolLDS ExecutiveClosing PriceChange
Affiliated Computer ServicesACSLynn Blodgett, Executive Vice President and Group President - Business Process Solutions Group 83.96up 3.95
AES Corp.AESRoger W. Sant, Chairman24.25down 4.75
Avista Corp.AVAGary Ely, Chairman13.96down 1.89
Black & DeckerBDKNolan D. Archbald, CEO29.97down 7.11
Bay View Capital CorpBVCMatt Carpenter, COO6.55down 0.50
Cadence DesignCDNRaymond Bingham, President & CEO15.70down 4.30
Computerized Thermal Imaging, Inc. CIODavid Packer, President & COO2.24up 0.04
CorvisCORVDavid Huber, CEO1.76down 0.24
1-800-ContactsCTACJonathan C. Coon, President & CEO11.89down 1.11
Cygnus Inc.CYGNJohn Hodgman, Chairman, President & CEO5.23down 3.18
Dell ComputerDELLKevin B. Rollins, Vice Chairman16.63down 5.94
DionexDNEXA. Blaine Bowman, President & CEO24.69down 3.29
EarthShellERTHSimon K. Hodson, CEO2.31down 0.54
Franklin CoveyFCStephen R. Covey, Chairman4.00no change
Hillenbrand IndustriesHBFrederick Rockwood, President & CEO51.51down 3.19
Hollywood EntertainmentHLYWMark J. Wattles, CEO9.78up 1.18
Host MarriottHMTRichard Marriott, Chairman6.45down 5.31
IomegaIOMDavid J. Dunn, Chairman1.12down 0.11
JP RealtyJPRSeveral Mgmt Team Members, 19.91down 1.53
Knight TransportationKNGTKeith, Gary & Kevin Knight, 18.15down 2.45
Marriott InternationalMARJ.W. Marriott, Jr., Chairman30.00down 10.85
Micrel SemiconductorMCRLRay Zinn, Chairman and CEO 20.75down 6.50
Monaco CoachMNCKay Toolson, Chairman and CEO 12.60up 1.51
Microsemi Corp.MSCCJames Peterson, President & CEO25.52up 2.62
Myriad GeneticsMYGNChristopher L. Wight, VP, General Counsel26.10down 16.22
NovellNOVLStewart Nelson, COO3.10down 0.89
NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.NPSPJames Jensen, VP of Corp. Devel. and Legal Affairs Sec.28.70down 3.80
NuSkinNUSAll Mormon Mgmt, 7.17up 0.22
Oil States InternationalOISL.E. Simmons, Chairman6.90down 1.43
OakleyOOJim Jannard, Chairman & CEO10.70down 3.35
Ryder SystemsRTony Burns, Chairman17.70down 3.27
Sky West AirlinesSKYWJerry Atkin, Chairman & CEO11.25down 20.40
Swift TransportationSWFTJerry Moyes, Chairman & CEO16.61down 3.23
Cornerstone REITTCRGlade M. Knight, Chairman & CEO10.59down 0.11
Zions BancorpZIONHarris Simmons, Chairman51.62down 2.42

The following companies do not meet the $100 million capital requirement for inclusion in the Mormon Stock Index:

  • Buyer's Online (BUYO.OB)

  • Caldera Systems (CALD)
  • Fonix (FONX.OB)
  • Geneva Steel (GNVH)
  • I-Link (ILNKC)
  • MITY Enterprises (MITY)
  • Metalclad (MTLC)
  • NX Networks (NXWX)
  • Ten Fold (TENFC)
  • Wade Cook Financial (WADE.OB)
  • Washington Group Intl (WNG)

Please Help Us Confirm Other Mormon Companies:

Mormon News' research confirms that there are probably other companies with Mormon management that we currently don't know about. Our research uncovered several companies which may have Mormon executives, but which we were unable to confirm as of yet. If you have any confirming information about the following companies, please let me know:

  • FX Energy (Utah)
  • Gertner Communications (Utah)
  • Headwaters, Inc. (Utah)
  • Nature's Sunshine (Utah)
  • Questar (Utah)
  • Sonic Innovations (Utah)


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