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Posted 29 Sep 2001   For week ended September 28, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 27Sep01

By Kent Larsen

New Products: Current Books on Suffering

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Among the many new LDS products being released this Fall, two new books seem especially relevant this week because they look at suffering. Joyce and Dennis Ashton's "Jesus Wept" takes a comprehensive look at the trials we face in our lives, giving practical techniques and insights to help deal with grief. Meanwhile, former BYU professor Wayne Brickey's "Making Sense of Suffering" also looks at suffering and grief, from a doctrinal and inspirational perspective.

Also of interest this week is Excel Entertainment's new CD-ROM "Joseph Smith The Seer," an interactive look at the life and influence of the prophet, including music by Kenneth Cope, artwork by Liz Lemon Swindle, and interviews of many LDS authorities on Joseph Smith.

New and recent products:

Jesus Wept by Joyce and Dennis Ashton
Cedar Fort
Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $14.95

Authors Joyce and Dennis Ashton help readers deal with grief and loss through an LDS perspective. "Jesus Wept" tries to help with every trial that we all face in our lives, from the loss of a loved one to infertility. Using insights and techniques for dealing with grief, they assist with such difficulties as the loss of a child, murder or suicide within the family, iIllness and disability, loss of employment, financial difficulties, marital discord and divorce, same gender attraction, raising rebellious children, abuse, etc. Joyce Ashton is a nurse and certified grief counselor, while Dennis Ashton has 25 years of experience with LDS Family Services.

Jesus Wept
More about "Jesus Wept" by Joyce and Dennis Ashton at

Or see more about "Jesus Wept" by Joyce and Dennis Ashton at

Making Sense of Suffering by Wayne E. Brickey
Deseret Book
Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $15.95

Brickey explores suffering and helps readers deal with tragedy in their lives.

Making Sense of Suffering
More about "Making Sense of Suffering" by Wayne E. Brickey at

Where the Heart Leads by Anita Stansfield
Covenant Communications
Book; LDS Publisher; Non-Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $14.95

In 1894 Jonathon Brand leaves Boston for California following the death of his mother. Along the way he visits his beloved Aunt Ellie, who lives in a small, Central Utah town and there falls in love with Maddie Jo Hansen and soon realizes he loves everything about the town and people -- except Maddie's father, who doesn't want any man to take away his daughter.

Where the Heart Leads
More about "Where the Heart Leads" by Anita Stansfield at

Joseph Smith The Seer Interactive software
Excel Entertainment
CD-ROM; LDS Publisher; Mixed-Media; Mormon Author and Subject $19.98

An interactive guided tour of the life of Joseph Smith. Includes film footage, maps, animated timelines, artwork by Liz Lemon Swindle, a score by Kenneth Cope and video interviews of Susan Easton Black, Richard Cowan, Joseph McConkie, and Larry Porter.

Joseph Smith The Seer
More about "Joseph Smith The Seer" from Excel Entertainment at

Hello Sky by Julie de Azevedo
Excel Entertainment
CD; LDS Publisher; music; Mormon Author and Subject $15.98

The latest modern pop album from de Azevedo tries to portray a sense of freedom, "Like stepping outside and gazing upon the endless sky for the first time," according to the publisher. de Azevedo is one of the most successful and best known of LDS musicians who play contemporary music.

Hello Sky
More about "Hello Sky" by Julie de Azevedo at


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