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Posted 03 Sep 2001   For week ended August 31, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 29Aug01

By Kent Larsen

Internet: New Support Web Sites

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- This week a number of nice looking sites cover both various support groups and personal businesses. Both LDSAdopt and Two of Us For Now look at adoption issues and infertility, providing support in pleasant sites. Best looking is ProMoms, a support website for full-time moms run by an LDS woman. The site also has an LDS-specific page.

Newly Listed Mormon Websites:

Brent Gardner

Slickly-designed website for LDS musician available for firesides and devotionals. Includes information on scheduling events, links to mp3 files of his music and background on Gardner.

Family Plan LDS

Site promoting use of natural family planning (without use of contraceptive chemicals or devices). Author is writing book for LDS couples on natural family planning.

Hidden Treasures Institute

Private, nonprofit mental health organization providing resources on mental health for the LDS audience. Includes a library of mental health documents, directories of presenters and resource specialists and a news and event listing.

Latter-day Saint Democrats

An online political forum for LDS Church members who are also members of the Democratic Party. Includes a list of US national office holders, articles on LDS Democrats, a list of links, and a discussion board.


Page of resources for those considering adoption. Includes family stories, adoption related books &music, information on both domestic and international adoptions and information about the LDSAdopt mailing list.

LDS Young Women

Site for Young Women of the Bremerton 2nd Ward, but availble to all. Includes the Young Women's Motto, information about YW values, and calendar pages for Beehives, Mia Maids and Laurels.

Promoms LDS Resources

LDS Resource page of a nice-looking comprehensive site for full-time mothers. Includes links to other LDS motherhood sites, pages for Relief Society and Young Women, resources for LDS lessons and activities and insights on many different topics.

Two of Us For Now

Support network for LDS couples struggling with infertility. Nice looking site covers adoption, infertility treatment, pregnancy loss, childfree living, and provides an email support group.


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