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Posted 05 Aug 2001   For week ended July 27, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 26Jul01

By Mark Wright

'Survivor' Doman Now at Top of BYU's QB Depth Chart

PROVO, UTAH -- Think of Brigham Young University, AKA "Quarterback U," and you automatically invoke the ghosts of quarterbacks past - Young, McMahon, Detmer, Bosco, Nielsen, and Sheide in the minds of Cougar faithful everywhere. Now, Brandon Doman hopes to add his name to the roll call of great BYU quarterbacks as he prepares to enter his final season wearing the blue and white of BYU.

Entering practice for the upcoming season, Doman finds himself listed first on the depth chart and the projected first string quarterback for a football team that has always expected a lot out of the signal caller. Doman understands the pressure that goes along with his chosen occupation and relishes the opportunity that he will have to "be the man." He's also enjoying the extra reps in practice and the attention from the coaches that come from being named the starter. New football coach Gary Crowton has been meeting with Doman during voluntary sessions, explaining the new Cougar offensive scheme and probable opposing defenses that Doman will face. "It's huge, the things I've learned from him over the past few months," Doman says. "It's awesome having a head coach take so much time to go over this stuff with me. I've never had a coach explain defenses in such an intricate way. He's helped me mentally on things I've missed out on over the past three years."

A returned missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who served two years in Argentina, Doman is now happily married and ready for the spotlight that has shown on each of his siblings who have previously played football at BYU. Known for his intensity, Doman is the latest in a long line of Doman's to play football at BYU. Kevin, Bryce and Cliff have all had their moment in the sun at BYU and are part of the reason that Doman has clawed and fought his way to become the football player that he is.

According to Doman, competitiveness doesn't even come close to describing the sibling rivalry that existed during his formative years. "It was beyond competitive," says Doman. "My brothers were maniacs. They were nuts, stress-cases, sheer competitors. If Cliff didn't win, he would bawl like a baby. He and I used to put on boxing gloves, but because we only had one pair, he put on the left one and I put on the right. We pounded each other, over and over. If I hit him hard, he chased me down and beat the crap out of me. Then, Bryce beat him up for beating me up. One time, Cliff and I were in our sandbox, and I flicked sand at him. He picked up an apple off the ground and hucked it directly into my face. It hit me in the eye. I remember thinking, 'Geez, this guy has got to learn to relax.' Bryce and Kevin were the same way. They were crazy with it. Even later on, when the four of us brothers went golfing together, it was terrible. Clubs flew into ponds, emotions got out of hand. It always turned into a war. Everybody had to win."

So, Doman became a survivor. He learned to hang in there, even when he was buried on the depth chart behind Kevin Feterik, Drew Miller, Charlie Peterson, and Brett Engemann. Doman managed to survive long enough to get a chance last year and led the Cougars to several important victories, including a come from behind effort at Utah when the Cougars beat the rival Utes 27-26 in what was probably the biggest win of the season. "To be a part of something like that, with 40,000 people watching and a national TV audience, it was just one of those moments you dream about," Doman says. "What a feeling. The best part was the feeling in the huddle before the last drive that everybody believed we would win."

And now, finally, Doman gets his chance to rise to the top once again. Doman is looking forward to the upcoming season, not only because he's the starting quarterback, but because he believes I feel confident in the offense. "It's going to be so much fun to play in [the new offense], and to watch. It gets the ball in the air. It's quick. We'll get off a lot more plays in every game. I can sense an excitement from all the guys. There's a team unity, better team conditioning, and enthusiasm and confidence in each other. There's a fresh energy." Doman can't wait for summer to turn into fall so that he can turn those expectations into yet another opportunity to compete and excel.


BYU Quarterback Position Is Finally Doman's Domain
Salt Lake Tribune 24Jul01 S2
By Gordon Monson: Salt Lake Tribune


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